Taking a Sustainable Holiday

“A sustainable approach to tourism means that neither the environment nor the host communities will be impaired by the arrival of tourists. On the contrary, they should benefit from tourism, both economically and culturally.”

UNESCO and World Tourism Organisation (2000)

Everything in the way we live our lives can be sustainable. It starts with environmental consciousness and the realization we have control over how to use time, products, vehicles, and everything else in our daily lives. the idea of a sustainable lifestyle is on the rise, across all sectors. To this end, sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Last year was marked as International Year of Sustainable Tourism by the The United Nations. The goal was to raise global awareness about how responsible and sustainable tourism can have a positive impact. The main suggestions given to achieve this included environmentally conscious practices, cultural and natural heritage protection, and providing social and economic benefits for local communities.

Leading sustainable lifestyle starts with small steps. You might decide, one day, to travel by bike or train, or simply walk around the city. Or you might decide to recycle more, reuse old containers, compost, or not buy a new article of clothing when one might be repaired. All of these small choices lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. With this in mind, it is important to consider the upcoming holiday season. If you are in the midst of planning your vacation, we have pulled together some important tips and insider considerations for taking a sustainable holiday.

Green Destinations and Eco-tourism

Almost every country has a dedicated green destination. The Green Destinations named top 100 places in 2017 that are the leading example for sustainable tourism. Ensuring the integrity of the ecosystem is what the purposeful travel to natural areas is all about. Understanding the culture and history of the environment, while taking care of the surroundings, makes the perfect ecotourist. 

For those who are staying in Vienna, fear not, because the city has a lot to offer as a green destination. According to the Wien Tourismus, you can visit one of the largest organic farms in Austria. Spread over 860 hectares, three city farms cultivate organic land. To spend a sustainable day in the city, this guide may come handy.

Yoga Retreats

This globally popular activity is getting more attention, especially when it comes to healthy and conscious interaction with the environment. Yoga retreats offer physical and mental regeneration in a sustainable community of like-minded people. Daily exercises and meditations, vegetarian and vegan kitchens, and following nature’s cycle are the keys to sustainability on these much vaunted holiday trips.

Tree Houses

Or why not choosing one of popular tree houses, such as Baumhaus Lodge in the Lower Austria. Holidaying in a treehouse has never been more earth conscious.

Anja Stevic
Anja Stevic Anja is a volunteer photographer and blog contributor at Impact Hub Vienna.