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We all want to be healthier. We want healthier workplaces because we spend so much time there during the week.  The World Health Organization (WHO) says “healthy workers are more productive and raise healthy families.” Healthy workplaces are one of the key strategies for alleviating poverty, according to the WHO primer on Occupational Health and Safety.  However, you might be a freelancer, a small start-up with only a few employees, a “solo-preneur,” or any number of other categories in which you find yourself looking to keep yourself healthy while you work because there is no formal employee wellness program (unless you make it for yourself).

We pulled together some tips for staying healthy during the workday.  Everything from taking the stairs instead of the elevator (you know who you are) to issues with eye strain.

Get Up and Move Around

Take the Stairs

This is a simple option. There are a few short flights of stairs to the first floor from the main floor.  Even taking them once a day is better for you and the environment.  It builds up your cardiovascular health and you will gradually get stronger, according to MyFitness Pal.  However, there is a mental health benefit too, according to the popular healthy lifestyle app blog. “Every time someone makes a decision to start a new healthy habit, especially something physical, it ends up being what is referred to as a ‘keystone habit,’ which makes starting other habits easier — kind of like a domino effect,” the blog reports.  Researchers at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada found taking the stairs helps to slow brain aging.  We have given you at least four good reasons for your physical health to take the stairs one floor up, however, there is a benefit for the environment as well. The benefit here is simple, you save energy by not using a mechanical lift and reduce yours and the Hub’s carbon footprint, according to an article in The Guardian. 

Walk Everywhere

We know you do not work in a traditional office environment because you work here with us.  However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be walking to or from meetings.  If your meetings are close by then take a walk.  If not, then walk from the nearest ubahn rather than taking a ride share or a bus which will drop you off at the door.  The benefits of walking are endless.  The Mayo Clinic reports everything from a trimmer waistline to strengthening bones and muscles.  Also, the time away from your desk will give you a chance to clear your mind.

Stretch It Out

Stretching has a myriad of benefits.  We usually incorporate it into our daily exercise routines.  However, incorporating stretching into your routines at other points in the day has unexpected benefits.  According to the Baltimore Business Journal, stretching decreases your risk of repetitive strain injuries associated with offices work and increases your productivity.

Food and Drink


That simple word should be enough.  However, it can sometimes be hard to get all the water your body needs in a day.  According to The Greatist, water can help boost your productivity, fight sickness, and reduce eye strain.  Try setting an alert in your phone or fitness tracker if you struggle to get enough water during the work day.


Healthy eating is important, like water, it can boost productivity and fight sickness.  Eating fruits and vegetables have a myriad of wonderous benefits.  We really do not need to list them here.  Try buying fresh vegetables from the nearest grocery store, to which you walked on your break, or try packing a sack lunch.

Eye Health

Have you heard about the 20-20-20 rule?  This means taking a twenty second break, every twenty minutes, and looking at something twenty feet away (about six meters).  Medical News Today reports this can help you prevent eye strain while you are using the computer intenselyAccording to the Mayo Clinic, eye strain can cause not just dry eyes but headaches and neck problems.

Remember, take a break. Go for a walk.  You will be more productive if you feel energized and you are not in pain.  Happy, healthy working. 

Header Image Credit: Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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