5 great podcasts about migration and social inclusion


Migration and social inclusion is a provocative topic. Many politicians use this issue for their own political purposes and are likely not as knowledgeable about the subject as they might claim to be. So don’t be swayed by popular opinion or by what some people say, go find the information yourself and be informed.

Podcasts are great for this. The long form of a podcast allows you to dive deep into a subject. If you’re still itching for more content about migration and social inclusion after making your way through our must-see documentaries list, here are our picks for 5 great podcasts about migration and social inclusion.

BBC - The Documentary Podcast

BBC – The Documentary Podcast

The BBC World Service are producing a fantastic podcast series about a variety of subjects. If you go into their archives from 2015, you’ll find their series The Year of Migration, which has a series of episodes about the migration issue from all sides.

Migration Nation Podcast

Migration Nation

While everyone is trying to project and look forward to see how migration will impact the world, Migration Nation looks back and documents the history of migration in the United States of America. Discover how bourbon whiskey was invented, the impact of enslaved migration, and how the Yankees settled the Midwest.

Freakonomics PodcastFreakonomics: Is Migration a Basic Human Right?

Pretty much everyone knows this podcast given its consistent ranking at the top of the charts. It’s fun and informative and shines a light on a variety of different topics within the broad subject of economics. One of their episodes from 2015 was about migration and it’s a sobering exploration into the topic asking the question we should all be asking ourselves: is migration a basic human right?

Centre for Migration and Diaspora StudiesCenter for Migration and Diaspora Studies

If you want to go deep into the weeds on this subject, check out the podcast from the Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies of the SOAS University of London. Experts and academics give lectures on their area of expertise ranging from cross-cultural migration in Eurasia since the 1500’s to integration of migrants in the United Kingdom.

Small Changes - The GuardianSmall Changes – The Guardian

This podcast focuses on the topic of global development and is a series of one-on-one interviews with people who see problems in the world and then go out and solve them. The topics of migration, sex education, disease, women’s rights are all explored. The issues might be vast and complex, but if this podcast teaches us anything, a small change is better than no change.