How to Engage In Climate Action in Central & Eastern Europe this Fall

If you’ve been paying attention to the vital signs of the planet–raging fires across Europe, unpredictable weather patterns, and intense hurricanes–it’s apparent that we need to take immediate and drastic action to mitigate climate change.

Partnerships for Change – Impact Hub and Climate-KIC 

We need to work together to find solutions–no organization can solve this challenge on its own. Not sure where to start? It can be as simple as plugging into your local community events. We partnered up with Climate-KIC (the EU’s main climate innovation initiative) to put together a list of upcoming events in Central and Eastern Europe where you can get involved in plans of action working to address climate change.  While this list is not exhaustive of all upcoming events (and feel free to add more in the comments below!), it is certainly a good start.

October 4-5:  CEE Impact Day

Vienna, Austria 

At CEE Impact Day, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and the entire social impact ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe will meet to collaborate around solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals as well as long term strategies to shape the future of social entrepreneurship in the region. Our breakout session Climate Action: Accelerating Exponential Solutions, will feature innovators in the field and explore what roles different types of organizations can take to collectively accelerate climate action in CEE.  

More info and registration here.

October 16: WineDown: Clean Tech with Climate-KIC RIS Bootcamp

Vienna, Austria

Meet 40+ of Europe’s most innovative cleantech startups right here at Impact Hub Vienna. During our October WineDown, we’re partnering up with Climate-KIC RIS Bootcamp to convene startups from the DACH region as well as entrepreneurs from 13+ countries in a public showcase the latest in green technologies and products. Join us and get to know the startups by hearing them pitch and engaging with them at the startup fair!

More info and registration here.

October 16-17: IFC Climate Business Forum

Vienna, Austria

While moving toward a zero-carbon economy is a necessary step toward tackling climate change, it also represents a significant business opportunity. On October 16-17, the IFC will gather innovators in climate-smart business, investing, and policymaking to help understand and define these business opportunities in the coming decades.

More info and registration here.

October 19:  Green Tech Innovators Club

Graz, Austria

Meet green tech innovators pioneering solutions to topics like electrical energy storage and refrigeration while learning about the current green market opportunities in science and industry. Participants can get ideas for their own projects and collaborate with colleagues in the green tech industry.

More info and registration here.

October 19 – 20: Climathons

Vienna & Graz

Climathon is a global movement dedicated to solving city climate challenges. In October, Climate-KIC will host its annual 24-hour hackathon in over 118 cities (and counting) across seven continents. Last year participants generated 628 ideas to solve climate challenges in their cities. The Climathons in Vienna and Graz will take place on October 19-20. More info here.

October 26 – 27: Climathons

Various Locations

For the other 116 cities, the international Climathons will take place on October 26-27.Find out if there is a hackathon in your city and how you can participate by visiting the website. If there isn’t one near you, you can also host one.

November 14: Growth in Transition Conference

Vienna, Austria

In its fourth year, the Growth in Transition international conference will host a two day event of plenary discussions and parallel sessions featuring inspiring speakers from politics, science, civil society, and the private sector. A special focus will be given to the sustainable management of natural resource use and the mitigation of climate change.

More info and registration here.

December 3-14: COP24

Katowice, Poland

The COP24 is the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). At this year’s summit, the Conference of the Parties will work to adopt decisions that will ensure full implementation of the Paris Agreement. The conference is not fully open to the public, but you can check your eligibility to participate here or become a volunteer at the conference by signing up here.

Get Involved 

These events will help plug in and connect with a world-wide network of climate action advocates and innovators and get empowered to take action toward solving climate challenges. Are you planning on attending one of these events or know of other climate-related events in the region? Let us know in the comments below!


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