Impact Hub Vienna’s Guide to Responsible Holiday Shopping


It’s the holiday season and with that comes the inevitable yearly struggle of shopping for your friends and loved ones.

How do you get them something thoughtful without contributing to immense resource waste? Here are a few Impact Hub member organizations with products your friends and family will love and that you can feel good about buying.

Fitico Sportswear

Fitico makes sports gear recycled from fishing nets. Abandoned fishing nets cause plenty of environmental damage while also accidentally entangling a lot of marine life along the way. So if you have a friend who’s in need of some new sports gear, check out this holiday’s season line of tops, pants, and accessories.


If you’re going somewhere over the holidays (or planning a vacation gift) and want to cause as little environmental impact as possible, book your accommodation through bookitgreen. The platform rates accommodation based on 15 different sustainability criteria giving you an easy and transparent way of picking a sustainable place to stay for your getaway.

endlos fesch – The Vienna Fashion Library

Do you have a friend who’s looking for a way out of fast fashion? Check out endlos fesch where people rent high-quality women’s fashion for the month. At the end of the month, just bring it back to a pop-up or Impact Hub Vienna. There’s clothes from local designers, international brands, and for different occasions like a night out, an important meeting, or if you’re just feeling a little vintage.

Bubbles & Kraut

Ring in this holiday season with Bubbles & Kraut, a social venture addressing the food waste problem through fermentation. Their signature product is Kimchi, a Korean dish made primarily from fermented cabbage. If you know someone who’s concerned about food waste or is a fermented foods aficionado, get them some tasty Kimchi or sign them up for a workshop.

Lunzer’s Maß-Greisslerei

Lunzer’s is a zero waste store here in Vienna that sells seasonal, organic products from local and regional producers. They sell all products packaging-free thereby preventing a lot of unnecessary waste. So bring your own jars and buckets and head down to their shop in the 2nd district. Pick up some high-quality products for your loved ones and grab a coffee in their cafe.

ERUi Cosmetics

The company’s mission is to produce sustainable personal care products using high-quality organic raw ingredients and deliver them in sustainable and recyclable packaging. Their products are produced in Vienna with zero artificial additives and no animal testing. Soaps, aftershave, balms, and butters make great stocking stuffers and gifts.

Value – The Eco-Friendly App

Value is a game where you can find sustainable offers, places, and organisations in your area in a gamified way. While you play, you can plant real trees and contribute towards a greener future. The App will be coming soon to Android and iOS. If you’re on Android, you can participate in testing. In the meantime, you can use their value portal to find sustainable offers and shops for more gift buying!
Baldwin Tong Impact Hub Vienna
Baldwin Tong A writer who wears many hats, mostly metaphorical ones.

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