RE:WIEN 2019 Launches for the 5th Time – Meet the Cohort!

Amongst many other accelerator programs run by Impact Hub Vienna, RE:WIEN is the only incubation program focused exclusively on making Vienna a more sustainable place to live.

RE:WIEN supports start-ups and ventures which are based in Vienna and have developed an innovative product or service with great market potential. The areas in which the ventures operate are broad: from the circular economy, local value chain, concepts for cooling and greening the city, food waste to ecodesign.

Running for the 5th time in co-operation with Oeko Business Wien, the 2019 batch will go through an intense 6-month process to develop their ideas further, establish smart and resource-efficient processes and build strong and sustainable businesses operating on the market.

RE:WIEN 2019 cohort’s selection aligned with the global agenda

Today, programs like RE:WIEN are more important than ever – with School strike for climate still fresh in the news, the EU Commission has recently adopted its 4th Circular Economy Package, including an implementation report covering the full Circular Economy Action Plan and the United Nations is calling for a more effective strategy of putting the global economies on course to implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

OekoBusiness Vienna has 20 years of history in helping Viennese enterprises generate “green and clean” profits through ecological management practices that benefit both the environment and the enterprises,” commented Bertram Häupler, Program Management at OekoBusiness Vienna. “With the RE:WIEN Program together with our competent partners at Impact Hub Vienna we want to share this experience with founders and start-ups so that their products and services will soon be a part of a sustainable entrepreneurship network in Vienna.

Vienna is continuously building up its reputation of the most liveable city in the world but it has also been excelling in the areas of recycling, waste management, social impact innovation and recently also in the areas of tech for good. But there’s still more to be done and we are excited to help more founders to realise their ideas of making Vienna a better place to live,” added Ioana Constantin, Acceleration Unit Lead at Impact Hub Vienna

Not surprisingly, the ventures for this year’s incubation track with Oeko Business Wien are addressing the circular economy, moving beyond single-use plastic, social involvement as well as sustainable local food.

Meet the finalists!


Alpengummi is producing the first natural chewing gum of the Alps. While conventional chewing gums are made of petrochemicals (plastics), the gum base of Alpengummi is made of tree resin and beeswax.

BauKarussellUrban Mining provides recovery-oriented demolition with a particular focus on reuse for large-volume properties, enabling new regulations to be met. In cooperation with large Viennese property developers, reusable components are dismantled and made available for reuse.

Hempstatic specializes in the circular design of building units. They develop recyclable materials from agro-byproducts and aspire to revitalize the regional economy with their regenerative approach. Their pilot product line is dedicated to eco soundproofing systems.

Lenkerbande provides all kinds of bike related services beyond the service lines of regular bike shops. They fix, recycle and donate used bicycles in do-it-yourself workshops in Vienna, thus making sustainable mobility available to everyone.

NASCH Sportswear is a sports brand for everyone with a sustainable and individual offer. They design jackets, which are compatible with three different sports thanks to changes in the cut design and fabric selection. All products can be recycled and reused supporting the circular economy.

Paradeisa – Der Online Hofladen offers the best from the farm shops in the area. Fresh, natural, and environmentally friendly, this venture helps to limit transport, storage and packaging involved in the traditional retail distribution of local produce while promoting fair pricing and food waste prevention.

RePhil revolutionizes traditional takeaway by providing a circular system for reusable food containers to reduce waste stemming from single-use take away boxes while offering a convenient solution for customers. Supplying restaurants with reusable boxes, as well as managing the logistical distribution and the washing process are part of RePhil’s daily operations.

Social Held is a digital platform connecting nonprofit organisations with people and businesses motivated to get socially involved.

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