How to Make the Most out of Your Impact Hub Vienna Membership [ 2020 Update ]

As of January 2020, we are a network of over 100 Impact Hubs in 55+ countries all over the world –  home to over 16,500 members! Nothing to sneeze at, if we say so ourselves. While we all exist under the umbrella of Impact Hub Global, each Impact Hub is a unique place with an offering tailored to the ecosystem in which it exists.

Impact Hub Vienna is a diverse community of founders, creatives, investors, established companies and NGOs, which has been growing and flourishing in our quirky space in the 7th district for the past 10 years! We say that at Impact Hub Vienna people innovate with heart, balancing social responsibility with profitability to build a world that works for all.

We would like to think that every single one of you, our members, takes full advantage of the opportunities you have at your fingertips. If you are wondering in what ways you can utilise the locally rooted, globally connected Impact Hub network in 2020, our team prepared a Hubby guide to our membership services. Here we go!

Ask and You Shall Receive

Impact Hub Vienna is many things to many people. For starters, we are a co-working space in Vienna. We are an office for those who buy the FIXED DESK membership. We are something of a temporary stopover for ventures that become visiting members for the duration of our accelerator programs. AND we are also a physical event location in Vienna for both members and nonmembers. Whatever your situation, make sure you take advantage of all the perks of your membership and inform yourself about the available facilities and services that suit your particular needs. We also want you to let us know if things could improve – we are a home to over 600 members and it’s important to us that all of you are satisfied!

  • Have a question about your membership package? Contact your account manager!
  • Contact us online (scroll down to the contact form at the bottom of this page) or come up to the front desk on the ground floor.
  • Alternatively, you can always ask questions and share suggestions in the Facebook group for members – our team will be happy to answer your questions!

Be Part of the Community

Being part of a community might just be the ticket to help you survive the next decade. When the news feed is all doom and gloom, when you find yourself experiencing climate anxiety, surround yourself with people who are working on making their social impact count. And there’s research that shows there are clear benefits to it! Embracing your community is good for your mental health because it satisfies your innate need to belong. And it considerably increases your quality of life! The longest study on happiness conducted by scientists at Harvard concluded that cultivating relationships is the sure way to lead a healthy and happy life.

Without a community behind them, entrepreneurs can often feel like it’s ‘me against the world’. When we factor in the positive social or environmental focus on top of that, that leads industry professionals to view social entrepreneurs as lesser entrepreneurs due to the priority of creating impact over amassing financial wealth, the problem can grow exponentially. Impact Hub Stockholm

There’s more good news. According to a Northwestern University study, sitting next to high achievers can increase people’s performance in various jobs by 3% to 16%. Scoot over, Hubbers!

Discuss solutions or distract yourself, find a new project to put your energy into or share your worries over a cup of coffee. No longer you have to be isolated at home with your thoughts – you can co-work the pain away! The Hub creatures can become a sounding board and support system for you, offering advice or opinions when you need it – something that is often missing when you work alone on your plan to make the world a better place to live.

BE Part of the Community

No, this is not a mistake. Being part of the community through working at the Hub is one thing, but actively carving a space for yourself within the living organism that constitutes Impact Hub Vienna is what we are all here for. Share your success stories with us so we can scream about them from the top of the (virtual) mountain because your victory is our victory. No, not in the “we shall steal your thunder” kind of way. In the Hubby “we are super grateful you are letting us share your journey, you glorious person, you” kind of way. Talk to us about your ideas about making Impact Hub Vienna better. Let us exhibit your art. Share something that recently caught your eye in the Impact Hub Vienna Members group. Basically, help us help you.


Our space is filled with some of the most talented and creative people the city of Vienna has to offer. Designers, innovators, storytellers, digital experts – people who join co-working spaces because they want to think (and work) outside the box to create something new. This creativity is infectious and can only have a positive effect on you and your work. Take some time to look at the projects of other members and be inspired. Seeing what is possible can help you break through any blocks you have in your own work. Like what you see? Collaborate! The collaborative nature of our communities creates connections that not only increase members’ social capital, but also help to diversify investment sources, accelerate growth and boost impact. According to the 2019 Impact Report, in 2018 alone 1,500 projects were started together by two or more members!

That’s not all. The Impact Hub Vienna space located inside Vienna’s hip district is designed for collaboration. From the member wall overlooking the kitchen on the groundfloor, to success stories, cosy pillows, coffee spots, quiet working corners, and lounge areas – we are enabling connection.

I think collaboration is really connected with emotions. I want to work with someone because I trust them. Creating this trust is very important and one of the most common things to start this process is coffee. Coffee connects people and having an area where people go to take a break allows people to have conversations which leads to connections and collaboration. Standing tables are also very interesting because it’s been shown that people feel more secure when they are talking while standing up. When you are sitting behind something or sitting down, you’re not as open as you are when you’re standing up. But ultimately, the most important element is to understand how a particular organization or space collaborates and go from there. Creating Collaborative Spaces: An interview with Daniel Utrilla Mellinas 

Being in the City is Good for Your Business!

Physical location is an important element for determining the future of your business. First of all, majority of trailblazing and well-prospering companies are located in areas directly plugged into the innovative urban ecosystems.The cities are the hubs of opportunities! Paul Graham wrote an article Why Startups Fail in which he names remote location disconnected from lively business areas as one of the grave startup mistakes. In a city such as Vienna you have access to support services (Impact Hub Global, Impact Hub Vienna or Vienna Business Agency), you can interact with other founders, you have access to skilled workforce and events, which offer networking opportunities. Impact Hub Vienna can be your home from home when travelling to Vienna. Check out the membership options, which offer registered address and postboxes, as well as key for 24/7 access to the Hub.

Host an Event

Hosting an event is one of the best ways to showcase your skills and attract new customers while simultaneously contributing to the community. For example, Skillshare Breakfast is a series of 90 minute long workshops hosted by members of Impact Hub Vienna or external professionals, on topics especially relevant for social entrepreneurs. They are taught in the morning while enjoying coffee & yummy food. Skillshare Breakfasts take the skills and expertise present in our community and distribute them among all of us.

Do you want to verify your business idea or practice your pitch? Maybe you want to invite people to a skill exchange? Every single membership option offers a discount on event room rental. Take the plunge and host your first event at the Hub! If you are wondering where to start, we have prepared a guide for organizing a successful event! You should also check these four tips for hosting sustainable events.

Share Your Success

Milestones are important because they provide a sense of achievement and progress. Not to mention a good success story is a powerful tool when you are a new startup without a strong online presence. We are constantly trying to bring our members forward and celebrate their successes on our channels to spread the word about you to as many of our followers as possible. In 2016 we created the Success Stories board managed by the Community Hosting team. It sits quietly in the corner on the ground floor, dressed up in stories from IHVmembers, who made an important milestone. Let us assure you – no success is too small to be celebrated! Whether it’s your personal victory or result of months-long team work, we want to hear from you!

Do you want to celebrate your success with us? Send your story to your community team contact person and we will post it on our wall and online. Make sure to include some details, date when it happened and any photos that we could use – please include copyright information if necessary!

Show up to Events

Attending events at the Hub is one of the best opportunities to jump into the network with both feet. We aren’t saying this because we are trying to boost our foot traffic. You can always make a friend while working at the Hub – we encourage you to say hi to the person next to you – but sometimes context is really important. And, let’s be honest, you aren’t hanging out at the Hub with the goal to meet every single member. Themed events are your best bet to meet people with whom you share interests and let them know who you are! Do you feel like you need a little bit of help with taking your networking game to the next level? Read our guide to becoming a networking superstar.

It is so easy to get caught up in our own bubble and forget that there is a whole world out there, full of new ideas and discoveries every day. Attending an event not only gives you the opportunity to meet others but also gives exposure to new ideas that could be implemented in your own business. Impact Hub Vienna prides itself on delivering useful and relevant content by speakers who are in touch with best practices and latest advances. Attending a Skillshare Breakfast or aWineDown could lead you to dramatically improving the way you do business, just by implementing a few key ideas.

Our events team is constantly working on keeping the events calendar busy with Skillshare Breakfasts, Melange um Vier sessions, Afternoon Energizers and Koch Doch community lunches, WineDowns and more. Our events are not only about knowledge-sharing and networking – we make sure to keep reminding you that your are a valuable member of the Hub and we would love for you to contribute. Start with being present and see where it takes you. PS. Make sure to visit our calendar of local events, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to see event updates in your feed.

Planning to Travel More in 2020? 

If you are planning a workaction or simply going to dip your toes in this digital nomad concept you have heard so much about, make use of the international network of 100+ Impact Hubs across the globe! If you’re a member with a co-working package, you can visit every Impact Hub three days a year, every year.

Not only you get to sightsee different Hubs but also get the benefit of speaking to community managers from different Hubs, who are well-versed in their local ecosystems. They will not only readily give you the insider’s guide to the city (think secret food spots and off the beaten path sights) but can point out the people and companies that you should connect with for potential business opportunities.

Make sure to plan your journey in advance and notify your destination Hub via this Impact Hub Passport online form.

Impact Hub Global Network 2019

Source: Impact Report 2019 View the complete report – Click here

Work Whenever You Want to

Are you a committed night owl, who stays up until late at night, or the wee hours of the morning to complete that client project? If you would like more flexibility with your work hours – think accessing Impact Hub Vienna 24/7 whenever your urge to work kicks in – we suggest that you upgrade to Workspace Unlimited. It comes with an access key to enter the Hub after hours. Enjoy your work freedom without limits!