4 Powerful Actions You Can Take Right Now to Help Impact Hub Vienna’s Social Impact Community

The novel coronavirus took away everything we knew in one clean sweep and plunged the world into disquieting uncertainty. As the fifth week of physical distancing in Austria is coming to a close, many of us – social impact founders, creatives, investors, established companies and NGOs that make up the Impact Hub Vienna’s network – are looking to get a sliver of normality back into our lives with the announced loosened COVID-19 measures.

Impact Hub Vienna community like everyone else has been affected by the economic downturn caused by the novel coronavirus, in smaller or bigger ways. We see you! And as a community, we remain committed to pushing forward. We are not losing hope nor willingness to innovate, collaborate, support and ideate!

And we are here to act. Here’s a list of do-good things that you can do right now to support the amazing change-makers in Vienna.

#1 Think Be Local

I am sure you have seen many calls to support your local businesses on social media – I have! However, as the messages to think about engaging with local businesses flooded your feeds, have you ever thought about the meaning of being a local?

How well do you know your neighbourhood? Would you ace a quiz on the social impact scene in Vienna?

Have you tried the delicious hummus from Habibi & Hawara? Or the burgers by Rebel Meat? Do you own a pair of socks from Younited Cultures? Have you gone on a tour with Shades Tours?

Being a connected local extends beyond going to your supermarket two streets away – it means getting to know your environment, discovering your city’s hidden corners, being able to recommend places to visitors, supporting the social businesses that contribute to making Vienna a much better place to live.

How to be local:

  • explore your city on foot
  • make a “to try” list
  • join the „Ich kauf’ nebenan – Wien“ (Gruppe) Facebook group
  • swap recommendations with friends, family and other Impact Hub Vienna members
  • rave about the shops and brands you love online – social media and business listings remain the top source of referrals for local businesses
  • make your “Favourite Viennese Businesses” list and share it online

#2 Try Something New

Right now, we all are looking for entertainment. Online subscription numbers are spiking, we are listening to more podcasts, trying out new furniture arrangement in our living rooms. This push towards trying new things caused by an abundance of free time is quite beneficial for our well-being due to the fact that our brains LOVE and reward novelty. Experiencing something new increases dopamine levels in our brain, a hormone and neurotransmitter also known as “reward chemical” or “happy hormone”.

The next time you want to buy something different, new, exciting, peruse this list of Austrian social impact businesses created by our member, Reinhard Herok, from way to passion.

Learn something new! Content Creation School, uugot.it, Zero Waste Austria, UpLeveled offer interesting online courses.

#3 Make Use of Your Online Voice

The strict no-contact rules that were implemented to flatten the curve showed us the possibilities of technology. The Internet became an even brighter and bigger window to the world. There’s plenty of things each of us can do to help social businesses survive through the lockdown and help them restart their activities in May. Become an ambassador for social impact businesses in Vienna right now to help them amplify their reach.

  • Follow social impact businesses online
  • Share and reshare posts from your favourite brands
  • Comment on posts published by your favourite brands
  • Like, like, like
  • Write reviews on Google Maps
  • Create and publish lists on Google Maps
  • Write LinkedIn recommendations
  • Create a list of recommended brands on your website – backlinks are votes of approval for search engines

#4 Donate Money

Many social impact businesses have asked for help, which in itself is an act of courage and determination, a willingness to survive and keep on going. If you can and want to, consider supporting social businesses directly by donating money to their causes.

  • Donate to Impact Hub Vienna Solidarity Fund – we are facilitating donations to members, who registered their ask for support
  • Donate to the loved and cherished multigenerational cafe project, Vollpension. Unfortunately, grandmas and grandpas working at the cafe do not qualify for state social support and the running costs for the business remain the same as ever. There are different goodie packages for those, who decide to support Vollpension. Check their website for more information.

Do you have more ideas on how to support our Impact Hub Vienna community?

Shoot us a message using the contact form below or connect with us through social media:



Banner photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash