Impact Hub Vienna Co-Working and Space Set-Up in times of COVID-19

Impact Hub Vienna Co-Working and Space Set-Up in times of COVID-19

Last updated: 15/06/2020

We are extending our opening times! From 15th of June, Impact Hub Vienna will be open and hosted from 9:00-17:00. We are planning to extend the opening times further depending on demand and how the situation develops. As before, Unlimited, Fixed Desk and Office members with keys have 24/7 access to the space.

We care about you and know that just because we’re allowed out of the house again, business is not back to usual, so we are keeping our 20% discount for the month of May. But if you are not affected by Covid-19, we strongly encourage you to support our community and donate the 20% difference in membership to the Impact Hub Solidarity Fund. 

To make sure we are taking care of each other and keeping each other safe, we’ve put the following measures in place. Please read them carefully and make sure to follow them!

🏠 Our new space layout

  • Ground Floor: The ground floor will be set-up for co-working including the Event Room and Innovation Lab, so you have more space. We’ve set up the chairs and working desks to have at least 1.5 meters distance between them. We have marked the seats accordingly and the hosts at the reception will help you to find a place in case you are unsure where to sit. The coffee machine will be moved to a more open area in front of the kitchen, so you have more space around it.
  • The First Floor will be also co-working again from 15th of June on. Co-working desks will be marked by a sign. Our Fixed Desk members have already been informed about our new setup and we continue with it until next updates.

👭 Want to meet?

  • Offline: If meetings are required this is possible with a minimum 1 meter distance between each person in the meeting and up to 10 people. The Aquarium, Conference Room, Lounge and Library will be set up in a way that this is possible. We’ve also adapted the pricing to fit this period. You can find our new prices here. We still recommend to plan meetings only if needed, with care and as short as possible.
  • Online: We will also offer a set up for web-conferencing and streaming together with Zimtfilm in the near future. Please email for further details.

😷 Let’s stay safe!

  • Keep your distance (we know it’s hard!): We ask everyone to be careful when walking through the space and keep a distance of at least 1 meter when entering, passing people, at the printer, coffee machine, in the kitchen and at the toilet. So please be patient and wait in case someone is where you need to go. We all love strolling through the Hub, but to make sure there is as little movement as possible in the space, we ask you to reduce walking around to a minimum.
  • From 15th of June there is no need to wear a mask unless there is no possibility to keep 1m distance from your fellow coworkers.

🚿 Keep it clean!

  • We clean! Our cleaning company will disinfect the space daily and additionally, the Impact Hub Vienna team will disinfect work surfaces in the co-working space multiple times throughout the day. The windows will be kept open as much as possible to ensure air circulation in the space.
  • You clean! We provide disinfectant at the entrance and around the space. Please make sure to wash and disinfect your hands each time you arrive at Impact Hub and regularly during the day, like described in our information sheets in the toilets.
  • We all clean for… ice cream? Let’s work together to keep each other healthy! Make sure to stay at home if you feel sick (even if you just have a mild feeling of sickness) to avoid the risk of infecting others. Stick to the current rules in- and outside Impact Hub to avoid infection for yourself and others. (*ice-cream treats optional but encouraged🍦)

We can’t wait to see you back in the space and wave at you from across the room! We’ve missed you all 💚

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Impact Hub Vienna COVID-19 Solidarity Fund

COVID-19 Solidarity Fund by Impact Hub Vienna

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