Impact Hub Vienna Co-Working and Space Set-Up in times of COVID-19

Impact Hub Vienna Co-Working and Space Set-Up in times of COVID-19

Last updated: 02/11/2020

To make sure we are taking care of each other and keeping each other safe, we’ve put the following measures in place. Please read them carefully and make sure to follow them!

The most important points to take note of in November:

  • So far the government announced that the measures apply fromTuesday, 3rd of November 00:00 until the end of November.
  • Impact Hub Vienna will stay open for coworking from 9:00-17:00, so our current opening hours will remain in place.
  • We ask you to be even more strict with sticking to the measures in place to make sure we stay safe and healthy.

Please note that for the safety of everyone and in line with current COVID-19 measures, we ask everyone to stay at home unless absolutely necessary to work outside of home. We also ask you to wear a mask when moving around Impact Hub Vienna. You can take it off when you are sitting down, however, we encourage you to keep your protective mask on when co-working with more people in a room or attending an event.

📝 Each visitor at Impact Hub Vienna has to leave their contact details

In case of COVID-19 positive person being reported at the Hub, we will be notifying everyone who visited the Hub on the same day as the confirmed COVID-19 case about the need to quarantine/COVID-19 testing. The signs with QR code and a link to leave your e-mail address are placed near the entrance. Please make sure that you register your visit!

Register your visit at

Impact Hub Vienna - Contact Tracing
Don’t ignore our new sexy signs!

🏠 Our new space layout

  • Ground Floor: The ground floor is set-up for co-working including the Event Room and Innovation Lab, so you have more space. We’ve set up the chairs and working desks to have at least 1.5 meters distance between them. We have marked the seats accordingly and the hosts at the reception will help you to find a place in case you are unsure where to sit.
  • The First Floor is open for co-working as well. Co-working desks are marked by a sign and appropriate distance is maintained when settig up work desks. Our Fixed Desk members have continued as before.
  • Very important: please do not change the set up, move the desks, sit close to your co-workers, and, if you are in a bigger group, still try to maintain approproate distance. If you want to co-working with friends, consider booking a room.
  • Move your meetings online. We have launched a new offer allowing you to rent web conferencing equipment togehter with your room booking! Find out more here.

👭 Want to meet?

  • As personal meetings are not allowed, all our offline community events are paused until the end of November. We ask you to stick to the same guidelines when not socializing at the Hub (i.e. having lunch, taking a coffee break) – we know it’s hard!
  • Professional meetings can take place if they are essential to your business and 1-meter distance is kept at all times. However, we strongly encourage you to host all meetings online.
  • We’ve adapted the pricing for room bookings to fit this period and new room arrangements. You can find our new prices here. We still recommend to plan meetings only if needed, with care and as short as possible.
  • Online: We will also offer a set up for web-conferencing and streaming together with Zimtfilm in the near future. Please email for further details or visit this page.

😷 Let’s stay safe!

  • Mask is a must: Please wear a mask when leaving your desk or sitting in a meeting room with other people 😷
  • Keep your distance (we know it’s hard!): We ask everyone to be careful when walking through the space and keep a distance of at least 1 meter when entering, passing people, at the printer, coffee machine, in the kitchen and at the toilet. So please be patient and wait in case someone is where you need to go. We all love strolling through the Hub, but to make sure there is as little movement as possible in the space, we ask you to reduce walking around to a minimum.
  • Stick to the current table set up and make sure there is a distance of at least 1,5 meter to your next co-worker.
  • Please make sure to wash and disinfect your hands each time you arrive at Impact Hub and regularly during the day, like described in our information sheets in the toilets. We provide disinfectant at the entrance and around the space.
  • Make sure to stay at home if you feel sick (even if you just have a mild feeling of sickness) to avoid the risk of infecting others. Stick to the current rules in- and outside Impact Hub to avoid infection for yourself and others.

🚿 Keep it clean!

  • We clean! Our cleaning company is disinfecting the space daily and additionally, we will get a special disinfection done plus the Impact Hub Vienna team is disinfecting work surfaces in the co-working space multiple times throughout the day. The windows will be kept open as much as possible to ensure air circulation in the space.
  • You clean! We provide disinfectant at the entrance and around the space. Please make sure to wash and disinfect your hands each time you arrive at Impact Hub and regularly during the day, like described in our information sheets in the toilets.

We can’t wait to see you back in the space and wave at you from across the room! We’ve missed you all 💚

Your Impact Hub Vienna Team