The future of social entrepreneurship in Austria is in danger

Dear Impact Hub Vienna Community,

The future of social entrepreneurship in Austria is in danger.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge none of us was prepared for. When the pandemic turned from news stories into globally enforced lockdown measures, the innovative network of social entrepreneurs at Impact Hub Vienna saw their income slowly dry out or disappear entirely overnight.

We cannot let this happen.

Social innovators solve social or environmental problems using a collaborative, entrepreneurial approach while making their businesses work. They build businesses that support the creation of a more sustainable, resilient, and just world. This network has taken years to grow and losing it right now is not an option if we are to ever reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have established a Solidarity Fund to make sure that the livelihoods of the many social entrepreneurs that are part of our beautiful network are secured. Watch the explainer video to find out more about the Solidarity Fund’s story:

How the Solidarity Fund works

  1. This Solidarity Fund is our COVID-19 community support response, established by Impact Hub Vienna, run with the support of impactory, and operated by our – new – charitable Impact Hub Vienna Association.
  2. Solidarity Fund is facilitating donations. Everything that’s put into it, goes to the Members, who have requested help.
  3. Solidarity Fund is an ongoing fund. The set measures and their aftermath will affect us for an unknown period, so as long as there is momentum (and donation), the Solidarity Fund will be live and operational.
  4. For every member who needs it. Anyone, who is a member of Impact Hub Vienna and requests help, will receive it. There will be no questioning nor challenge from our side.
  5. With monthly payout. We don’t know how much it will be, but every month, starting May, we will look at the amount received, take 60% of it, divide it by the number of requests, pay it out in equal shares, and take the other 40% forward as a first building block for the next month.
  6. Operated in full trust. Yes, every request by a member will be accepted. Yes, everyone will receive exactly the same amount. And no, there will not be any selection nor assessment. We trust this community to assess how much everyone needs and / or can give.

More information about this initiative can be found here.

Support social entrepreneurs in Austria

Take action now and contribute to the Solidarity Fund 


As a network of people, who believe in every single person’s ability to make a meaningful contribution to a better future for all of us, we are counting on you.

Help our Members continue inspiring journeys.

Barbara Inmann
Impact Hub Vienna Managing Director

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