Conversations for shaping the future with IG – Eurovision

Looking into the future requires active conversations with all members of society. We spoke with Tassilo Seidl-Zellbrugg, a board member of IG-Eurovision, about how his initiatives create a suitable space to engage in conversations that shape the future of European societies.

It is important that the majorities hear minority initiatives and issues,” says Tassilo Seidl-Zellbrugg, a passionate co-founder of several initiatives. One of these is the European Public Sphere which materializes into a transparent wooden semisphere placed in a public space where experts on various topics and the public gather to discuss how they envision the future. The organizers construct and reconstruct this semi-sphere structure for each of the hosted talks, serving as a recurring metaphor for the ongoing nature of these dialogues.

The most recent European Public Sphere addressed the climate movement. The conversations explored collective responsibility, effective ways to address the issue, and the relation it has to democracy. However, the climate crisis is not the only topic discussed at Dome-Talks, as they are also known. Other subjects include empowering diversity, embracing intercultural journeys, sensitization to the experiences of Ukrainians living in other European countries, and even civic participation.

Conversations for shaping the future

“More often than not, people have precious ideas.” says Tassilo who also co-founded the initiative for complementary democracy. “It’s important that the majorities listen to the minorities and to make it as easy as possible. Our aim is to create a healthy process where ideas are heard from the bottom up.” Ideally, all citizens should be involved in decisions and focused on the outcomes, argues Tassilo.

The European Public Sphere and the Initiative for Complementary Democracy are intrinsically linked. Currently, the European Public Sphere is working on an integrated Catalogue of Ideas. This is part of the recent “Ukrainian Vibes 2023” project. The summary gathers the main ideas to be presented to the European Parliament. Once again, the goal is to make sure the voices of minorities resonate powerfully within the broader community.