Shaping mobility and cyclings’s future with cyclebee

Cyclebee, a participant at the Better Mobility Accelerator, aims to ease and enable mobility with bikes in the DACH region. We talked with Katharina Köglberger, the co-founder of this Styrian startup, about their project’s journey and vision and how the community can contribute to their development. Sneak peek: materialization will begin on November 22. Photo credits: velvetlove.

Cyclebee founder
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It all began with the tandem bicycle adventure from Katharina and Mathias Köglberger across Europe and South America. During and after this journey they recognized a prevalent desire among people to embark on similar cycling adventures. On top of that, they spotted the doubts that often stop individuals from using bicycles as a mode of travel. Common concerns were “How do I organize such a trip?” or “Can I travel from point A to point B with a bike?” and “How can I do it with children?”. This is precisely where cyclebee aims to make a difference.

Currently, two main projects are in sight: their app planned to be launched next spring, and CyclebeeOnRails which will debut in the DACH region on November 22. The latter will serve as a forum and information platform, presenting official information from train companies in the DACH Region and insights from fellow cyclists. In short: it will empower cyclists to plan their journeys effectively, leveraging the train infrastructure. Katharina elaborates, saying, “It will offer insights for and from cyclists, covering everything from elevator availability to connectivity and pricing.” 


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Support – the vital ingredient of cyclebee

Katharina and Matthias Köglberger, alongside their dedicated team (Katrin Lemke, Hannes Etzelstorfer, and Daniel Pairitsch), are committed to gathering feedback from as many cyclists as possible. They are in the testing phase: seeking diverse testers, including individuals of different genders, age groups, fitness levels, and cycling styles. In return for their participation, testers will gain exclusive insights into the development of the cyclebee app, have the opportunity to directly influence the product, and connect with fellow cycle enthusiasts to exchange valuable travel experiences. Additionally, testers will enjoy complimentary access to the full functionality of the finished app.

Furthermore, cyclebee is gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign, set to start on November 22nd. Every supporter will not only contribute financially but also become an integral part of the cyclebee community. In appreciation of their support, contributors will receive exclusive project updates, some gifts, and special offers.
Foto: Maria Schnabl,