Sustainability visionaries, 3 start-ups revolutionizing industries

In this blog post, we celebrate the achievements of three remarkable start-ups: KernTec, BeetleForTech, and Infrared City. They’ve not only secured significant funding but also share a common thread: dedication to sustainability and innovative solutions for pressing environmental challenges. Moreover, they are part of our esteemed community, being proud alumni of our Greenstart program. These stories illuminate the potential for growth and innovation within our entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

3 start-ups revolutionizing industries

From kernels to yogurt

Ever pondered the potential of apricot, cherry, and plum kernels? KernTech, an innovative Lower Austrian startup, did and turned this potential into a flourishing business, recently securing a noteworthy €12 million in Series A funding.

KernTec’s journey began in 2019, founded by Michael Beitl, Luca Fichtinger, Sebastian Jeschko, and Fabian Wagesreither. They’ve transformed the juice industry’s waste into ingredients as versatile as nuts, aligning with their zero-waste vision. In 2022, they broadened their horizons, launching “Wunderkern,” offering unique plant-based drinks and oils in partnership with Rewe.

Telos Impact led the Series A round, with significant support from the PeakBridge Growth 2 Fund and the EIC Fund. KernTec’s gratitude was evident as they posted: “A huge shoutout to our collaborators… The horizon looks brighter with allies like you!” KernTec’s blend of innovation and partnerships heralds a promising future.

Funding tree protection

Illegal tree logging poses a grave threat to the world’s forests. The United States Agency for International Development estimates the illegal logging industry to be worth between $51 to $152 billion annually. It’s this exact issue that Beetle ForTech aims to combat. Their solution involves seamless tracking of wood origins, using proprietary technologies. Recently, they secured funding from the FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency for 12 of their projects.

Founded by Koimé-Simon Kouacou, this start-up was a proud participant in the Greenstart 2022 cohort. Their innovative approach addresses sustainable development across three main pillars:

  • Ecological – by combating illegal deforestation.
  • Economic – through effective market tracking.
  • Social – recognizing that local communities bear the repercussions from deforestation.

Among their product offerings is a unique marking device that tags logs immediately after harvesting without any foreign substances. They also offer a satellite-based forest monitoring system.

Infrared City

The construction industry will soon receive real-time feedback on the environmental impact of their design decisions. Why? Because Infrared City, founded by Angelos Chronis—one of the top ten Greenstart finalists—just completed a pre-seed financing round with a one million euro investment. This round was led by Xista Science Venture, with participation from 2bX, Heartfelt, Antler, and P3A Ventures.


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Infrared City’s technology is groundbreaking. It harnesses Artificial Intelligence to create simulations beneficial for designers, planners, developers, and decision-makers in the construction industry. What type of data will they obtain? This innovative tool provides insights into the environmental suitability of their designs, offering them ecological design metrics, and it also provides information on wind speed and comfort, solar radiation, and sunlight availability. 

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