Sustainable and reusable packaging with Wilson Guide

The logistics industry deals daily with approximately 600 million euro pallets, all of which have to be secured to avoid transit and theft issues. Normally, this is done using single-use stretch film, contributing to the pressing global plastic waste problem. Wilson Guide offers an alternative that also contributes to solving the pressing global plastic waste problem: robust lightweight protections with materials such as polycarbonate that are designed for easy integration and quick disassembly. OekoBusiness Vienna, talked to Peter Wilson, founder of Wilson Guide.

How did you come up with the idea of sustainable transport security? What inspired you?

Yes, since my childhood I have had a strong connection to nature and the environment. At the same time, working in transport and Logistics for over 10 years, I witnessed the everyday use of plastic film to secure products. One-time use and not Sustainable.

What is the biggest challenge in developing sustainable transport Security?

The biggest challenge is plastic film, which is mostly used for all securing of goods and products.

Single-use plastic is commonly used in transport security. Being a environmental waste issue.


How high is the demand for sustainable packaging alternatives?

Sustainable and reusable packaging is at the moment in higher demand. Many companies are looking toward more sustainable and reusable packaging solutions.

What would you like to see in the future? ( in terms of sustainability, your Startup, etc)

I would like to see more awareness, and campaigning concerning one-time use systems like plastic film, both from the government and none non-government organisations.

What still needs to be done to make Vienna a green and sustainable city?

Awareness, and working together with all the stakeholders towards more sustainable, reusable, and green solutions to renewable energy.

How did the Re-Wien program of OekoBusiness Wien and the Impact Hub Vienna contribute to the development of Wilson Guide and your business idea?

The OekoBusiness Vienna and Impact Hub Vienna Re-Wien programs play a huge role in my startup. I benefited from other startups, and we are also part of OekoBusiness company.

What advice would you give to other founders on their way?

Keep your head high, and think more sustainably.

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