Mental wellbeing at work: Impact Hub Vienna’s approach

Mental health is a vital component of a thriving workplace and overall wellbeing. Recognizing its importance, Impact Hub Vienna has partnered with the Hil Foundation. This collaboration aims to strengthen the mental wellbeing of our impact community, including our team, founders, investors, entrepreneurs, and co-workers. How are we doing it? Keep reading to find out!

The Hil Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on equal opportunities for children, and young people, gender diversity, and mental health. Our shared values to create a world that works for everyone make this partnership both meaningful and natural. Together, Impact Hub Vienna and the Hil Foundation are adopting a multi-level approach to generate a greater impact on mental wellbeing.

A multi-level approach to mental wellbeing

Our strategy targets three key levels: the ecosystem, the community, and our team, addressing specific needs at each level to ensure a holistic approach to mental wellbeing.

Walking the talk with our team

At Impact Hub Vienna, our team of about 50 dedicated individuals is at the heart of our concern for mental health. We aim to cultivate a mental wellbeing identity within our team. Our strategy includes encouraging staff to use their vacation days and discouraging overtime. Leadership roles will receive training on burnout prevention, and the team will participate in a retreat focused on mental wellbeing.

mental wellbeing breakfast

Working with our community

At the community level, we host co-learning spaces for alumni of our programs and community members. Notable events include a session on the “hold-flow-slow framework” led by Lisa Rombach, a somatic awareness educator, and a workshop by habit coach Eva Gruber, who discussed the integration of positive thinking into a venture’s DNA. Around 38 social entrepreneurs gained insights on breaking negative patterns, recognizing internal saboteurs, mental exercises to detach from negative emotions, and the importance of empathy.

Engaging with the ecosystem

This year, we are excited to have Climate Lab host a conversation on “eco-anxiety,” exploring the mental health challenges arising from environmental concerns, details will be soon confirmed! Another crucial aspect is understanding the role of investors. A survey by the Impact Hub Global Network revealed that investors can increase the burnout risk in social entrepreneurs by intensifying role conflicts. We aim to foster dialogues around this topic to raise awareness and develop strategies for cooperation, understanding, and mitigating burnout risks.

climate lab team

How is your company taking care of your mental health?

We’re eager to hear from you and learn about your experiences and strategies for promoting mental wellbeing at work.