Become a Community Host

Are you looking to get involved in a community of creators building a radically collaborative world?  The Impact Hub is always looking for motivated volunteers with great people skills to join our team of Community Hosts. As a Community Host you will be involved in both the Space and the Community team in order to get the most out of your volunteering experience at the Impact hub Vienna.

You will be an important ambassador of the Impact Hub. Your tasks as a Community hosts will include welcoming newcomers, giving introduction tours of the space, organizing activities to bring the community closer together, and bringing your positive personality into the mix to create an open and collaborative atmosphere where people feel encouraged to connect. Space hosting responsibilities include also opening and closing the locations, helping to keep the space tidy and functional, and making sure that coffee keeps flowing.

We are currently looking for volunteers for the Summer Period July-August (2 months).


  • You are ideally spending your summer in Vienna and are able to commit for at least one entire month (July or August) as a volunteer.
  • You are able to dedicate 10 hours per week (6 hours space hosting and 4 hours community project) to the Impact Hub Vienna.
  • In exchange for your voluntary service, we offer an unlimited membership for the period of your hosting. This includes global membership, access to our space to work on your own projects and connect with members, access to free or affordable workshops for skill- and personal- development, possibilities to participate in various team and member projects, and meaningful networking opportunities within a vibrant community of change makers. After finishing the hosting program, you will get the Community Membership and have access to all our events for the same amount of time as your hosting period.
This is a voluntary position.


Great! Get in touch via the form below until 11.6.2018 and we will get back to you.


We will also look for volunteers for the Fall Hosting program (September-January, 5 months) so get in touch with us if you are interested in this time slot.