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Impact Hub's are hosted by a team that helps serendipity along by connecting members, encouraging cross-sector collaboration, designing events and programs and supporting your work. 

Impact Hub Vienna was founded by a small team of social entrepreneurs who wanted to create a home for 'pragmatic idealists' to create and drive positive social change. This home is hosted and facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team of hosts.  

Meet them below: 

Our Core Team

Sophie Zechmeister

Sophie Zechmeister is the Community Manager at Impact Hub Vienna, connecting members with each other and organising learning …

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Ana-Maria Radulescu

Ana-Maria Radulescu is the Event & Hospitality Coordinator at Impact Hub Vienna, ensuring the smooth flow of logistics & cate…

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Marais Devis

Marais Devis is part of the Events Team at Impact Hub Vienna and supports with logistical matters & event coordination in our…

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Jana Rohonova

Jana Rohonova is one of the Floor Managers at Impact Hub Vienna.

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Silvia Galli

Silvia Galli is the Events Lead at Impact Hub Vienna.

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Florian Bauer

IMPACT IS... Achieving fundamental and durable change in the condition of people and their environment. …

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Christine Jama

IMPACT IS… purpose and fairness for our environment, society and every individual WHAT DO YOU FIND MO…

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Alina Moldovan

Alina is the lead of our Investment Ready Accelerator Program.

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Alexis Eremia

IMPACT IS... making a difference, leaving a mark, adding value. WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE BECOMING PART OF THE I…

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Barbara Inmann

IMPACT IS... Breaking up silos, building bridges and collaborating to create solutions that address societal issues in an inn…

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Caterina Donner

IMPACT IS... Something that can only happen if you dare the first step - and that’s usually talking to people.

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Dušan Janković

IMPACT IS... Taking inspiring, intention-driven, and courageous actions resulting in permanent positive difference.

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Ioana Constantin

IMPACT IS... something you do that influences the people around you in a positive way. WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE …

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Lena Gansterer

Coming from the field of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Lena is the Partnerships Director of Impact Hub Vienna, managing our …

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Matthias Reisinger

IMPACT IS... Doing what makes you come alive in a way it contributes to more than just yourself. WHAT DID YOU …

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Steliana Kokonova

IMPACT IS... what happens when creative & sustainable thinking meets good intentions and creates solutions that work for all.…

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Daniel Utrilla

IMPACT IS The beginning of the reaction, every change depends on an action, and the impact is this journey between one…

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Kristen Cole

IMPACT IS... Addressing global issues by reinventing the way we think about business and creating unique solutions to…

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Marieke Pluk

MPACT IS... Creating new insights in people's minds that change their behaviour towards a more sustainable one for th…

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Our EVS Volunteers

Alexandra Pediacova

IMPACT IS... the result of the action that leads to a better and sustainable world. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO…

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Nikola Simčuvová

IMPACT IS... Making a positive difference, spreading the good, adding value … or as Beyoncé sings: "To leave…

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Our Contractors

Werner Krendl

Werner Krendl is a Financial Consultant to Impact Hub Vienna

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Erika Büttner

IMPACT IS... following your deepest inner truth and letting it flow through your veins into your uncompromised action…

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Our Communication Volunteers

Anja Stevic

Anja is a photography volunteer at Impact Hub Vienna.

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Lea Dietiker

Lea Dietiker is a talented photography and graphic design volunteer at Impact Hub Vienna.

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Myounghee Jo

Jo is a graphic design volunteer at Impact Hub Vienna

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Jennifer Cornick

Hello Everyone - my name is Jennifer, Jen, or Jenni (I will pretty much answer to all of those names). I am new to Vienna an…

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Tim Norburn

IMPACT IS... not always about the big things, to me it is waking up every day and trying to make a difference to someone's li…

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