Packaging waste and unhealthy food are a major problem for many companies that attach importance to sustainability when catering for their employees. The young entrepreneur Eric Letourneur from Vienna is effectively countering this problem with his intelligent zero-waste self-service vending machine "Auftischt!". Since October 2021, the first "Auftischt!" vending machine has been providing healthy and environmentally conscious 24/7 nutrition with sugar-reduced drinks, sustainable snacks and wholesome meals. Double added value - for users and the environment Snacks, side dishes, organic honey, breakfast cereals, reduced-sugar refreshing drinks and nutritious in-between snacks round off the varied offering of the Auftischt! vending machine. But it's not just the user who benefits from this contemporary invention by creative entrepreneur Letourneur. The environment can also rejoice: when enjoying the delicious meals from the vending machine, there is not even the slightest plastic waste, neither before nor after. It's clear that this is how sustainability works in the cafeteria - despite hectic everyday life.