Bank für Gemeinwohl

Our society is changing. People like you and me are working together to create a new bank. A bank which is based on ethical principles, avoids speculation on the financial market and focusses on the basic services of a bank: deposits, loans and transactions. The special features of the Bank für Gemeinwohl: + We support social and sustainable projects with low-interest loans. + We don’t participate in financial transactions without a real economic background. + We encourage our shareholders to waive interest in order to support projects for the common good. + We are as transparent as legally possible when it comes to money and expenses. + We are active when it comes to providing infor-mation about this money, banking and financial system which aims to foster the common good in the long term. + You can influence the course of the bank – independent of the size of your share. Become a shareholder with only €200. Making it possible – we’re creating a new bank. Join us – and become a shareholder! More information at