Deloitte Future Fund 

"Making an impact that matters" - that is Deloitte's global vision. Deloitte has a positive and sustainable impact on customers, employees and society. Corporate responsibility is an essential part of this process in order to make a positive contribution to the development of society. The Deloitte Future Fund combines Deloitte's core competencies: promote people, develop projects, find solutions, introduce expert knowledge, identify opportunities and create new prospects for the future. In this context, Deloitte Austria concentrates on specific social problems and groups of affected populations. The goal is to create prospects for the active participation of people in society. This benefits the people, the location and the society as a whole. In the Deloitte Future Fund, Deloitte Austria has bundled the resources and activities for concrete social issues. For a five year period – until 2021, Deloitte Austria will focus its Corporate Responsibility projects on a highly relevant topic that is very important to society: the creation of prospects for refugees through education and jobs. This is to enable the social integration of recognized refugees.