HiReach Experts

  • Andrei Gheorghiu Urban transport, mobility services, IT systems, software solutions
  • André Freitas Transport initiatives, funding mechanisms for mobility, public transport arrangements, social inclusion, new ITS services, digitalization and connectivity
  • Vasco Reis Urban Logistics, Mobility as a Service, Business Model and Business Development
  • Stefano Borgato Innovative and sustainable mobility, Transportation planning, New mobility services, Smart cities, Sharing economy, Environmental awareness
  • Cosimo Chiffi Transportation planning, Sustainable development, Social inclusion and accessibility, Transport economics, Mobility management, Public policy
  • Simone Bosetti Transport planning, Inclusive mobility, Transport poverty, New mobility services, Evaluation and impact assessment of transport measures and projects, Cycling consultancy
  • João Bernadino Mobility, from different lenses: product management, innovation, policy, entrepreneurship
  • André Marquet Design sprints, product-market fit, pitch training, public speaking, lean startup method, agile development, product development, productization, and product management techniques
  • Delphine Grandsart Transport and mobility, passenger rights, market uptake of new mobility services and technologies, transport poverty and accessibility, multimodal connections and mobility platforms