Smart Ninja

What is your enterprise about? SmartNinja is an IT education company. We believe that within the each of us lay hidden talents that are often neglected by the formal educational system. SmartNinja’s mission is to help people discover and grow their talents in the IT field. Skills that will help them find a job ­ or even create a new one! What is the story behind its creation? It all started about 3 years ago in Slovenia when both founders worked in a non­profit organization called StartUP Novo mesto. StartUP Novo mestos mission was to build a community of entrepreneurs and help them develop their ideas. After a while we saw that there are a lot of people who have ideas but struggle to make them a reality. So at that time Matej (co­founder of SmartNinja) started doing one on one sessions and helped people make first steps in to coding world. With more and more demand for the IT market Miha and Matej decided to fully focus on SmartNinja and this is how the SmartNinja officially started. We founded company in february 2015 and in a first year had more that 300 students attending our classes. In the beginning of 2016 SmartNinja funded SmartNinja Austria and entered Impact Hub Scaling. What is the social impact of your venture? European Commission recently announced that there will be a lack of almost one million developers in the EU by 2020. On the other hand unemployment rate among young people in the EU is 20­25 %. SmartNinja is solving the gap between the supply and demand in the IT job market. We have developed innovative and effective IT courses and provided a tool (web application) for IT companies to browse and find their ideal IT job candidate. Our mission is to fill those empty job positions. What are you goals and targets for the future (1 year & 5 years) Our impact is directly measurable with the number of employed students. We believe than in the next year our company can directly affect 1000 people and in the next 5 years up to 10.000 people. A random fact about your venture that everybody should know. Why is our name SmartNinja? Ninjas have skills and can handle every situations. Also with our courses we make you smart. So attend our course and become SmartNinja!