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Impact Hub Vienna is all about inspiration, connection and enabling, and there is no better way to do all three than through an event. We host a variety of events for our community and the social impact ecosystem. We also have many events hosted in our space which are open to attend (just be sure to check for registration details)! Check out all the upcoming events hosted by Impact Hub or in our space in the calendar below.

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  1. Thursday 04 Nov 2021

    Community Activator – Networking Event

    We often think that there is no one around us who truly gets what we are going through. But communities have thought us quite the opposite - we are surrounded by people who share our struggles, desires, and passion. Come and meet your tribe at the first event of the CMX Chapter in Vienna! We gather to get to know each other, share some of our experiences in the community field, and most importantly - to have some fun!

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  2. Sunday 28 Nov 2021

    [External Events] Community Activator – Networking Event

    We often think that there is no one around us who truly gets what we are going through. But communities have thought us quite the opposite - we are surrounded by people who share our struggles, desires, and passion. Come and meet your tribe at the first event of the CMX Chapter in Vienna! We gather to get to know each other, share some of our experiences in the community field, and most importantly - to have some fun!  

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  3. Thursday 31 Mar 2022

    The International Dinner Club : Chilean Bites [ INTERNAL ]

    Impact Hub is a global community - that's why we are inviting you to the first edition of our International Dinner Club! The concept : The country of origin of a Community Member will be put in the spotlight for one evening, and everyone will be contributing with your cooking skills. 3 groups will be formed: one responsible for the starter and the drink one for the main course one for the dessert Each group will cook a famous recipe…

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  4. Wednesday 06 Apr 2022

    Climate Fresk for Impact Hub & Glacier Community [INTERNAL]

    About this event No time to read the UN-backed and Nobel Peace Prize award-winning IPCC reports? No worries, we've got your back. The Climate Fresk workshop breaks down the key facts of climate science and summarises them on 42 cards. And besides boosting your climate skills, the IPCC you'd read alone. The Fresk, you do together. A problem shared is a problem halved, right? Our tool is a trigger for transformation and empowers participants to become informed and engaged advocates…

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  5. Wednesday 20 Apr 2022

    Sustainable Food: Food Tech Investment Masterclass [INTERNAL]

    For this edition of "Sustainable Food", we are partnering with our friends at Foodhack.Global, the world's biggest community of Food Tech investors, to bring you a masterclass in food tech investing. With our speaker, Ryan Grant Little, an experienced food investor and business angel (20+ investments in food tech companies since 2021), we will talk about: 📈 Food tech market trends - where is the sector (and the money) going? 💸 Investment Readiness - when is my product and business…

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  6. Wednesday 04 May 2022

    The International Dinner Club : Spanish Night

    About this event After the first edition where we discovered the lively Chilean culture, we continue our Hubber tour to the sunny and cheerful atmosphere of the country of Sangria and Tapas. As you may have guessed, it is Spain and its summer specialties that will be in the spotlight during this 2nd edition of The International Dinner Club. 🍷🥔 Come to try the main dishes of this Mediterranean culture under the culinary advice of Maria-Elena and Vicente. 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 You…

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  7. Wednesday 11 May 2022

    Expand Your Network: Ukrainian – Austrian Networking Event

    We are inviting you to the Vienna Dinner Friends professional and social networking event! About this event We are inviting you to the Vienna Dinner Friends & Impact Hub Vienna professional and social networking event! During this event hosts, guests and anyone who would like to participate can meet and mingle, expand professional- and social networks, participate in workshops and mostly have a fun afternoon and evening! You can sign up via *looking for opportunities* if you are person from…

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  8. Thursday 12 May 2022

    Green Wien: Building and Feeding the Future. A Re:Wien WineDown

    Come to our WineDown networking event and meet the Re:Wien innovators that provided solutions for a sustainable Vienna ! About this event After a 2 year hiatus, we're excited to bring back our WineDown event series with a bang: A celebration of 6+ years of supporting innovations for a sustainable future for Vienna with the Re:Wien acceleration program by OekoBusiness Wien and Impact Hub Vienna.   For this edition, we are tackling the two of the biggest challenges for a "Green Wien": Our built environment…

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  9. Tuesday 14 Jun 2022

    SkillShare Breakfast : Using emotional intelligence to speed up innovation

    About this event Problem description 🤯 If you are an innovator, you are likely to encounter a lot of resistance along the way and doubt the success of your ideas and project. You are starting something ambitious and new, so you face skepticism from your team, experts, management, etc. You find yourself alone with responsibilities, risks and no guarantees. How to remain effective in the face of total uncertainty? What if I told you that there is an extraordinary way…

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  10. Tuesday 21 Jun 2022

    [EXTERNAL] Wege in eine 1,5° Wirtschaft

    1,5 Grad sind der Schlüssel für eine lebenswerte Zukunft: Schaffen wir es die Erderhitzung auf diesem Niveau im Vergleich zu vorindustriellen Werten zu begrenzen, können wir katastrophale Auswirkungen der Klimakrise auf unsere Natur, die Gesellschaft und die Wirtschaft verhindern. Das stellt Unternehmen vor die große Herausforderung einer klimafreundlichen Transformation ihrer Geschäftsmodelle. Wie funktionieren Science Based Targets in der Praxis? Wie erfolgt die Datenerhebung zur THG- Bilanzerstellung, wie können wirksame Klimaziele abgeleitet und Reduktionsmaßnahmen identifiziert werden? Wir liefern Antworten! Am 21.06.22…

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  11. Wednesday 29 Jun 2022

    The International Dinner Club : Reise in Österreich

      Event description After being immersed in Latin cultures, we are reminded of where we live. 🍻🍻 That's why for this new edition, Chef Fabio will show you Austria in all its facets, from culinary specialties (no schnitzel, promise) to the most popular waltz steps. So don't wait any longer, put on your most beautiful dirndl and lederhosen, and come join us on June 29th for a patriotic evening. 👫 You can purchase your ticket either online, through our EventBrite…

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  12. Friday 08 Jul 2022

    Fleampact Market: Where trends meet circularity

      Summer is here, which rhymes with sunshine, cocktails, festivals… as well as the Flea Market season! 🌼 There is no better feeling than offering a second life to objects that no longer thrill us! This is why we invite you to the Fleampact Market. The concept: Spending a summer afternoon with Hubbers, sipping cocktails with music in the background, while highlighting the circularity. 🍹🎶♻️ To do this, you are invited to bring items you no longer use and make…

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  13. Wednesday 20 Jul 2022

    The International Dinner Club: Trinidad and Tobago Vibes

      Are you in Vienna in July? Impact Hub will satisfy your wanderlust with a culinary journey full of flavors. About this event After a local stop in our beloved Austria, we continue our journey (this time, the plane is needed) to a multi-ethnic country: Trinidad and Tobago. 🌞 Asha will make your senses travel: between coconut and spices, the flavors will delight your taste buds. 🥥🍌 Book your Wednesday, July 20th for a vibrant evening and warm up your…

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  14. Thursday 01 Sep 2022

    Summer Party: Hubbers am Wasser

    About this event Who said that September was the end of summer? 🍹 Impact Hub invites you to enjoy an evening with your fellow Hubbers at the annual Summer Party. Let's celebrate the end of the summer break but also the beginning of a new year full of projects and (social) innovation. 🌞🌊This year, to be all on the same wave-length, we take you at USUS am Wasser (An der Neuen Donau 1, 1210 Wien ; U6: Neue Donau), on…

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  15. Thursday 08 Sep 2022

    SkillShare Breakfast: Negotiating as an entrepreneur, how to say NO!

    'No' is a dynamic that you've got to master before you can ever master 'yes.' Christopher Voss About this event We will introduce you to the world of negotiations. As an entrepreneur, working in the social sector or curious about the topic, you might already know how negotiations are essential for the success and survival of your causes. The purpose of this workshop is to give you an overview of what effective communication can mean to you and to your…

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  16. Tuesday 20 Sep 2022

    Raum schaffen: Co-Design your MQ. Ein Hackathon

    Immer mehr Menschen ziehen in die Städte, der verfügbare physische Raum ist aber limitiert. Um die Lebensqualität für alle zu erhalten oder gar noch zu verbessern, muss die Gestaltung und Nutzung von urbanem Raum ganz neu gedacht werden - und am besten unter Einbeziehung derer, die darin leben wollen.  Frage an dich: Wie können wir urbane Räume schaffen, die schön, nachhaltig und gemeinschaftlich gestaltet sind?  Das Museumsquartier Wien, mit seinen rund 90.000m2 und 60 kulturellen Institutionen bereits jetzt ein Wahrzeichen…

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  17. Thursday 29 Sep 2022

    The International Dinner Club: French Delicacies

      You voted for it at the previous dinner, here it comes… the French Dinner 🍷 🧀 🥖   France is often described as the country of gastronomy (and of modesty 😌). Is it true? Do we really eat frogs' legs, snails, baguette/wine/cheese at every meal? 🐸 Do we wear a striped T-shirt with a beret, a croissant in our hand and singing some Edith Piaf song? Myth or reality, come and find it out on Thursday, September 29th from 6pm on the 1st…

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  18. Tuesday 04 Oct 2022

    SkillShare Breakfast: Circular and zero waste Business Model Canvas

      Come to be introduced to the Zero Waste Business Model Canvas for designing a circular, waste-free business model Did you know that ⅔ of all raw materials used globally, every year, end up as trash? Using a zero waste business development tool can help close the circularity gap, and support a successful shift from linear to circular markets and businesses. Businesses, of all sizes and in all industries, are exploring methods for circular transformation - and during this SkillShare…

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  19. Monday 17 Oct 2022

    [External Event] „Presserelease Klimaawareness Kampagne: “Tell Your Story““

    Die Klimakrise ist nichts, worauf wir in ferner Zukunft zusteuern. Vielmehr ist sie bereits jetzt in Österreich angekommen und betrifft weitaus mehr als „nur“ unsere Gletscher oder Inseln im Südpazifik. Es betrifft unseren gesamten Alltag, von unseren Hobbies bis hin zu unseren Jobs und unseren Lebensmitteln. Um die ganz großen Hebel umzulegen, braucht es die Politik. Damit diese etwas unternimmt, startet POW Österreich – nach ihrer Vorjahreskampagne für ein ambitioniertes Klimaschutzgesetz – die Awareness Kampagne „Tell your Story“, die sich an Wirtschaft…

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  20. Wednesday 02 Nov 2022

    The International Dinner Club: Tastes of Ukraine

    Do you also wonder what culinary specialties of Ukraine are? Good news, Olga has planned to help you discover them!! A tour of Ukrainian tastes and other surprises await you on the 1st floor of Impact Hub on Thursday, November 3rd 🥟 You will have a chance to try some traditional dishes and dance to energizing Ukrainian folk music 🎶 Price: 8€ Reserve a ticket BEFORE the event. До зустрiчi!   *A note on photography We typically create photos at…

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  21. Friday 04 Nov 2022

    uptraded Kleidertauschevent x Impact Hub Wien

    TAUSCHEN statt kaufen! Ganz nach diesem Motto machen wir uns auf den Weg, um in der Hauptstadt Österreichs ein Kleidertauschevent zu organisieren. In etwa 80% der Kleidungsstücke in jedem Kleiderschrank bleiben ungenutzt. Fühlst du dich davon auch betroffen? Dann fang jetzt an, deinen Kleiderschrank auszumisten, und komm bei dem SWAP-Event in deiner Stadt vorbei. Bring einfach 3-5 nice Kleidungsstücke vorbei, und nimm dir dafür wieder genauso viel mit. Bitte beachte, nur brauchbare, gewaschene und gebügelte Kleidung zu bringen! Je cooler…

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  22. Tuesday 08 Nov 2022

    SkillShare Aperitif: Unleash your inner clown

    Summary: You've never made the connection between clowns and entrepreneurs? And yet, they are driven by the same needs. Come meet the clown in you.   Description As a (social) entrepreneur you have to be brave and fearless, a master of improvisation, open for innovation, creative to address challenges, and able to always play with everything. The clown or jester has all these qualities: curious, affirmative, open, free of fear and prejudice, present, and focused, he enters the open space…

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  23. Wednesday 16 Nov 2022

    CORPORAID PARTNER EVENT ZUM 14. GLOBAL PETER DRUCKER FORUM “From Start-up to Scale-up in Turbulent Times” – corporAID Partner Event zum 14. Global Peter Drucker Forum 2022 in Wien

    Was wir von afrikanischen Scale-ups lernen können Nur ein sehr geringer, einstelliger Prozentanteil an Start-ups weltweit übersteht die ersten Jahre nach Unternehmensgründung. Diese erfolgreichen „Scale-ups“ kennen ihren Product-Market-Fit, haben ihren Zielmarkt validiert, den Market-Proof gemeistert und agieren nachhaltig wirtschaftlich. Mangelt es in Österreich schon oftmals an rascher und unbürokratischer Hilfe, Unternehmen zielgerichtet auf dem Weg vom Start-up zum Scale-up zu unterstützen, ist die Ausgangssituation in Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern nochmals bedeutend schwieriger. Trotzdem gibt es insbesondere in den afrikanischen Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern eine sehr…

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  24. Thursday 24 Nov 2022

    FoodHack Vienna Meetup #3 – The Beauty of Fermentation

    We are excited to invite you to our Vienna FoodHack Meetup #3 at Impact Hub Vienna! Whether you're starting a food business, looking to connect with startups to invest in or want to network with other like-minded professionals, this event is for you! This time we'll focus on the beauty of FERMENTATION, used in food production since millennia to preserve food and improve its nutritional value and bioavailability.   Our speakers and panelists: Julia Zeitlhuber, CEO & co-founder of cultured, a…

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  25. Friday 25 Nov 2022

    Sustainable Fashion Day: Flea market and repair session

    Giving a 2nd life to your clothes is good, being able to repair the ones you still want to wear is even better. The two combined in a single event, it's on Friday, November 25th at Impact Hub!   After the success of the first edition, we are back with the Impact Hub Flea Market part 2 ♻️👚 Swapping, selling or giving away your former favorite items, to make them, and a Hubbers, happy to have/give a second life. If you want…

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  26. Friday 02 Dec 2022

    “ADOE presents Dating Black”

    "LET'S TALK ABOUT... DATING IN DER BLACK COMMUNITY Wer kennt's nicht? Nach vier Dates, Netflix & Chill und zwei Red Flags landen du und dein Gspusi in einer Situationship. Doch es geht auch anders: Vielleicht haben du und dein*e King*Queen euch über eine Dating App kennengelernt und ihr erlebt die perfekte (Black) Love Story? So oder so: wir wollen mit euch in einem einmaligen Talk über eure Erfahrungen, Erfolgsstorys und Struggles beim Dating in der Black Community reden Was ist…

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  27. Wednesday 07 Dec 2022

    Impact Hub Wintery Party: Jingle & Mingle

      You are looking for an opportunity to wear your cozy (ugly?) winter sweater? Let's meet on Dec 7th to mingle on the bells' sound. Ho ho ho, after two years of undesired absence, it's time to get back to the Impact Hub community's annual get-together in a wintery, yet warm and comforting atmosphere 😇 It is an opportunity to bring together the team, coworkers, experts and coaches, partners, program participants, alumni and all those who contribute or have contributed to make…

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  28. Tuesday 20 Dec 2022

    weXelerate & Impact Hub feiern Chanukka

    We want to light the third Hanukkah candle together and celebrate the Jewish festival of lights traditionally! 🕯️ Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish festival celebrated annually. It is a joyous tradition to celebrate the lighting of candles. If you want to celebrate while meeting entrepreneurs from accelerators, join us on Tuesday, December 20th at WeXelerate (Praterstraße 1, 1020 Wien). 12/20/2022 | 5:30 pm | Auditorium weXelerate We look forward to seeing you there! The team…

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  29. Thursday 19 Jan 2023

    The International Dinner Club: Flavors of India

    The holiday of hearty meals is officially over, but at Impact Hub we offer you a new culinary experience: a journey to the flavors of India  It’s time to say. . .  NAMASTÉ NEW YEAR!  Stanish, Jay, Doris and a wider Indian team are super motivated to share their culture with tasty fragrant recipes and of course, local dance steps - and when we think dancing, we think traditional outfits! So, be creative - we can't wait to see you…

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  30. Wednesday 22 Feb 2023

    International Dinner: South Korea

    The world tour is going on. After India, we extend a bit our stay in Asia to discover South Korea. 🌐 Tteokguk, Ssams, Jajangmyeon, Soju, Mocchi… up to you between translating or keeping the menu a surprise for Wednesday, February 22nd. The event is limited to 25 people so don’t wait any longer to book your ticket. 8€ to be paid at the venue.   *A note on photography We typically create photos at events we host. The photos are published to…

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  31. Wednesday 22 Mar 2023

    Fireside Breakfast: How to find balance?

    Are you an Impact Entrepreneur? Then this is for you! ✨ In this morning fireside chat, Christine Broggiato openly shares her private and professional experience as a Parentpreneur and gives guidance for all Impact Entrepreneurs on how to find balance in the entrepreneurial journey. We will talk about real-life challenges parentpreneurs face and what we all can learn, as well as actionable steps we can take to build companies that work for all. Christine helps freelancers uncover and market their…

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  32. Friday 31 Mar 2023

    Mexican Dinner

    The international dinner series continues. This month, Roberto takes us to his beloved Mexico 💃🌮🍹 Tequila. Tacos. Sombrero. Party. Are you going to miss it?   📅 Friday, 31st of March ⌚ 18h, Impact Hub 1st Floor 🪙10€ to be paid at the venue 🎟️ Ticketing available soon   It will take place on a Friday, organized by Mexican aaaand it will be the 1 year of the International Dinner event serie at Impact Hub 🤩 So, be ready to…

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  33. Thursday 13 Apr 2023

    Community Jam – How does OpenAI shape our life?

    In April we are kicking off a bi-monthly, regular community event titled Community Jam! Each Jam is focusing on a hot topic in society and we will ask the community's opinion about it in a facilitated conversation format. The first topic is Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT - risks and possibilities of having it in our lives. Come and join us for a Fishbowl conversation and then join us for a drink with the community 🙂   Time: 13th April, 18.00-19.30…

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  34. Tuesday 25 Apr 2023

    13 years of Impact – Look back, look ahead & celebrate

    13 years ago, we stepped into the atelier space at Lindengasse 56 and welcomed the founding members of Impact Hub. A lot has happened since: An amazing community grew, countless connections – likely and unlikely – were created, start-ups on all issues that matter were born and scaled, three more floors added, a new Climate Lab opened, our network expanded to cities all around the world, and a lot more.   We cordially invite you to reflect, appreciate and celebrate…

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  35. Wednesday 26 Apr 2023

    Fireside Chat: The Art & Science of Raising Big Money

    Are you an Impact Entrepreneur? Then this is for you! ✨ Founded only in 2021, Arkeon just secured more than 10.5 million euros for its technology, via oversubscribed seed financing in two rounds. The food-tech startup converts inorganic CO2 into organic proteins, which are then used as ingredients for the production of various foods. CEO Gregor Tegl will share how it was possible for Arkeon to raise a big round and what really matters in Investor Relations. As always, there…

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  36. Wednesday 03 May 2023

    Community Tour: Landrush exhibition in MQ

    We are inviting you to a special opportunity to visit the LandRush exhibition in Museum Quartier together with the community on 3rd May. The visit starts at 16.00 directly there and lasts for 1h.   What is it about? “A duo of artists, Frauke Huber and Uwe H. Martin has set themselves the task of documenting the social and ecological consequences of global agriculture. And they have succeeded in creating an outstanding testimony of our time. LandRush”. “Agriculture is a driver of climate…

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  37. Wednesday 03 May 2023

    Regenerative Dialogues: Biodiversity

    Impact Hub Vienna is launching its bi-monthly focused dialogue event on regeneration and the first one is focusing on Biodiverity. We will be hearing some inputs from relevant stakeholders in the field and then engage with all participants in a participatory way. Our topics will be every time with a different focus within regeneration and May is dedicated to Biodiversity.

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  38. Thursday 11 May 2023

    International Dinner: Greece

    Did I hear Tzatziki? You voted for it, our next destination to celebrate the arrival of summer is Greece. Come and discover the hospitality of Greek people, their traditions, and of course their Mediterranean cuisine. 🥗 10€ to be paid at the venue   *A note on photography We typically create photos at events we host. The photos are published to represent our activities on our website and in social media channels as well as possibly in print media, especially…

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  39. Wednesday 17 May 2023

    Fireside Chat: Scaling: Strategies for Growth and Expansion

    Are you an Impact Entrepreneur? Then this is for you! ✨ The first Revo product, the plant-based Revo Salmon, was released in November 2021. Since then, Revo Foods has produced and distributed many more products which are available in more than 20 countries. Co-Founder and CEO Robin Simsa will share what scaling a startup means for Revo, and there will be space for questions about and reflections on your own scaling journey. REGISTER HERE: ✨ About the Impact Entreupreneur's…

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  40. Thursday 25 May 2023

    Solutions Exhibition: inspiring solutions to replicate!

    An immersive exhibition of +45 initiatives to learn from! Would you like to launch an initiative that makes a positive difference in your community? What if you could discover plenty of impactful initiatives you could reproduce locally? Even better, what if you could learn from those who’ve done it before to avoid reinventing the wheel?   Join us on Thursday, May 25th at 5:00pm CET for a FREE 2 hours immersive exhibition to discover local & replicable solutions!   During this workshop, you will: Find…

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