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[Accelerate Program] Crowdfunding Masterclass

Course Presentation

Crowdfunding is becoming one of the most popular way to fund and launch creative projects. In 2014 Crowdfunding Platforms raised over $16.2 billion, 167% increase over 2013. By 2025 the CF market could reach roughly 1.8 times the size of the global venture capital industry today. (forbes)
Since our first crowdfunding workshop in October 2012 we have build a crowdfunding community and helped more than 20 Slovenian crowdfunding projects reach and surpass their goals on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms, raising over $2,5 million.
Slovenia has became quite a phenomenon in the sense of successful and very creative crowdfunding campaigns, with a follow-up support in production, distribution and promotional services. Working on so any crowdfunding campaigns our community was able to generate invaluable experience and know-how that we are sharing in numerous lectures and workshops all over the Europe.


Get familiar with crowdfunding from the project creators point of view, introduction to the Slovenian crowdfunding phenomenon and presentation of successful campaigns, step by step overview and experience with preparing and arranging crowdfunding campaigns.
Specific themes tackled at the workshop:

  • business plan
  • pre development / prototyping
  • intellectual property
  • communication strategy + tools
  • state of the art presentation
  • campaign management
  • delivery
  • post campaign activities
  • specific Q&A from the attendees

Eva Matjaž is an independent researcher with a BA in Psychology and an MA in Sociology and Social Work. She is a co-founder of qualitative market research agency Memo Institut (2007) and the co-founder of two national initiatives for research and development of coworking and crowdfunding knowledge in Slovenia (Slovenia Crowdfunding and Slovenia Coworking). She is also one of the co-founders of Poligon Creative Center (2014). Her main research focus is alternative models of wealth, new economical models and creative communities.
Luka Piškorič is a co-founder and managing director of Poligon Creative Centre, coworking space and an autonomous platform for young professionals, creative communities and startups operating in the field of creative economies, social innovation and culture. He is developer and lecturer of new economic models. In 2012 he co-founded Slovenia Coworking initiative and a year later Slovenia Crowdfunding initiative.

Date and Time

Tue, 29 September 2015,15:0018:00 CEST


Impact Hub Vienna
56 Lindengasse
Wien, Wien 1070 Austria


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