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[Accelerate Program] Social media workshop

In different seminars, presentations and workshops you will get to know the most important things that every Facebook user should know, additionally deep insights and tips and tricks how to use it professionally.

Social Media became Nr.1 activity on the web, yet there are so many things people never heard of. Do you know about the 20% text rule?  What’s behind the edge-rank algorithm? How can you reach a larger target audience with your social media updates? How can you protect yourself online? And what about your personal information?


General communication and content:

  • The new media world and user-generated content. Now talk to the customers.
  • There is more and more content online. Who is the loudest vs. Who is the most useful?

+ Focus on Facebook

  • What appears in my news feed and which news of my company goes to my fans? The Facebook Edge-Rank.
  • Social Ads and Sponsored Stories. Forms of advertising on Facebook: which one makes sense and how much it costs.
  • Not all content is good content: The proper use and handling of text, images, videos and other Facebook standards.
  • The new design of company websites: Old wine in new bottles or real value? What to look for.
  • The right tool: Manage your social media channels with free or low-cost programs and follow the results.
  • Facebook Insights: Do you know what Facebook knows? How do you evaluate your right social media parameters?
  • Facebook and law. Useful tips about copyright, Contacts-duty and Privacy Policy.

Company and Trainer/Expert

Mathias Haas is a social entrepreneur and social media marketer from Austria. Since a couple of years already, he has been leading his own social media marketing company, SuperSocial, and now advises brands like Red Bull or Adidas but as well NGOs and social Start Ups around the world.
SuperSocial provides a diversity of workshops, presentations and seminars covering the most important features of the largest social media networks in the world. The target groups of these workshops are not only social media managers and specialists, but also every person using social media for himself and/or for his company.
For more info or questions, please contact ioana.constantin@impacthub.net

Date and Time

Wed, 15 July 2015,16:0018:30 CEST


Impact Hub Vienna
56 Lindengasse
Wien, Wien 1070 Austria


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