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[Accelerator Workshop] Business basics: The Leadership Trap

The Leadership Trap


… and how to avoid it 

Our society is in the process of a fundamental transformation and it is widely known that from now on a very different type of Leadership is called for. But: What kind of a leader do I need to be, in order to have a positive impact?
Most academic or non academic Leadership Education Programs give us very abstract and often conflicting answers. This leaves our new generation of entrepreneurs trapped in the middle of all the tensions that naturally arise every time the question of leadership is posed.
In addition there are hardly any good role models to learn from in the business world, as most well situated and experienced leaders have not yet understood that our world is in the process of profound change. 
In our workshop, we start by taking a different approach in order to find your answer to the questions around leadership.
Let’s start by saying:
You as a leader are defined by who you are, not by who you should become.
From there, let us go for a ride on the Creative-Roller-Coaster. Let’s take a deep dive into the unknown and search for the answer to this Breakthrough Question: 

“What kind of a leader am I called to be?”

We will work in collaborative settings, using the collective intelligence of the group and holding the space for the new to emerge. We will explore old questions from a completely new perspective: What is Leadership really? What does it take to be a good leader? Based on which principles is Leadership efficient and effective? How to lead in a world of constant change?
With: Christiane Seuhs-Schöller, founder of Zentrum für Integrale Führung 

Date and Time

Tue, 20 May 2014,14:0019:00 CEST


Impact Hub Vienna
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Vienna, Vienna 1070 Austria


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