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Acumen Presentation

Acumen is developing a bold new way of tackling poverty.

The social investment fund run by Acumen is one of the first large scale investment funds for Social Impact. It works with and invests in entrepreneurial projects in Africa, Asia and South America, and one of its key issues is scaling socially directed businesses, to reach higher impact.
In addition to direct money investments, this often requires guidance and mentorship, and a whole “ecosystem” is built up, with Global Fellows, Regional Fellows, a Global network of Chapters (local groups). Acumen also offers a variety of high level professional courses covering the sectors of Organization, Economy and Morality, within the field of Leadership and Business Development. The courses have now been “opened to the world”, for free, and can be found online. They provide great tools for any entrepreneurs, and especially for social entrepreneurs.
The Acumen model has a strong potential for huge macro impact, and we already see many astonishing results of its investments the last 15 years. Any profit from all investments goes directly back to the fund for renewed use/investments to enhance social impact.


Presentation will be given by Wind Øyvind Aamot. Wind is a member of Impact Hub Stockholm, and a part of the Leadership team of Stockholm +Acumen.
Afterwards, we will enjoy Ale tasting from Not For Sale Ale, a project supporting victims of Human Trafficking in Romania.
More info on Acumen: www.acumen.org
More info on +Acumen courses: http://plusacumen.org/courses
More info on Not for Sale Ale: www.notforsaleale.com

Date and Time

Wed, 24 February 2016,17:0019:00 CET


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