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BOOST YOUR WEEK – meditation

How to focus on the present moment while multitasking dozens of things?

As the challenge to balance professional and private lives, to meet deadlines and expectations grows, our own mental state and attitude are crucial internal factors for innovation & success.
As collective meditation is stronger than individual meditation, we can together create a force field of positive vibes every Monday morning and surf on that through a successful and stress-free week.

What will happen?

The sessions are lead by Impact Hub Vienna member Arno Lrimmer “I would like to share a few simple meditation techniques which I have been practicing for past 20 years every morning and evening. I can say not only is it possible to reach a state in which your mind is completely silent without a single thought whatsoever, but it is also possible to maintain that state for several hours each day.
This state creates a tremendous relaxation – emotionally, mentally, physically – and enables to focus on productivity.”
These techniques have successfully been shared with members of the European Union; European Business Forum; United Nations, with top and middle management of Microsoft, Bosch, IBM, and with faculty and students of INSEAD in France; University of Economics in Vienna, Austria; Bocconi University in Italy.
“I have been impressed by the unsolicited feedback I received from Microsoft employees and managers who took part in the meditation training programs: they all speak of a significant improvement in their quality of life and well-being, expressing gratitude for the valuable experience that they were offered.” – Jean-Philippe Courtois, Microsoft International

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About Arno Krimmer

Arno Krimmer is a film producer who has 24 years of working experience in the media industry. Before starting his own production house ASCENDING FILM in 2015 he successfully worked on more than 30 theatrically released feature films.