Community Lunch with Koch Doch!

We are joining forces with Barbara Schöllenberger’s Koch Doch! – a weekly (every Thursday) slow food event where Barbara offers organic lunches with regionally produced veggies for a 8.50 Euro contribution. Brown bag lunch guests are also welcome!

So what’s for lunch? Italian Minestra di Puglia, French Ratatouille, Indian Kath Katha, Russian Beetroot Borschtsch and much more.. New dishes every week!

  • Want to enjoy Koch Doch? Save the date (they happen every Thursday) and keep an eye open for weekly meal announcements that would be shared some days before through our Facebook member group. Moreover, if you’d want to participate in the co-cooking process, you could join in from 10:30 onwards.
  • Have your own lunch (brown bag, tupperware, or something fresh from a kiosk around the corner)? Just pop in at the upstairs lunch table at 12:30 and share a meal and conversations with the rest of the community!

Follow Koch Doch! on Facebook and stay updated with our latest Community Lunches, news and more.

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What is KOCH DOCH?

KOCH DOCH! provides fresh, tasty and nourishing vegan Hot Pots for businesses and co-working spaces. KOCH DOCH! offers a cooking lesson by preparing the dish together. It fosters sustainable conscious consumerism and supports local farmers.

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Vienna


Date & Time

17 May 2018 | 12:30 to 13:15


Impact Hub Vienna


Updated on 16 January 2019