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[External Event] 50 shades of stress: How to turn stress into work-flow


How do you approach work, when you are stressed?

Under time pressure:
Are you getting tense, trying to work even harder, with more effort?

When few people are recognizing your business:
Are you struggeling, doubting if you are good enough?“

When dealing with cash flow:
Are you stuck in over-analyzing your financial situation, panicking about your future?

Which is your style?
It doesn’t matter which stress triggers you are meeting in your daily business. If you experience it without attention, stress will suck your energy and leads into a bad mood or exhaustion! Actually this “rising fear” which appears, when life gets more challenging, is energy you can use to deal wisely with whats going on!
In this workshop you will discover YOUR repertoire of automatic shades of stress. And how it manifests in your body and mind. You will learn to let go of it and to uplift your energy, to focus and to bring it into your business. You learn to do the next step more determined and in a more relaxed way.

Sandra and Juliane will lead you with pleasure through this workshop. They will provide you great tools how to gain back ease and a wider perspective in your daily business.

Friday 13.03.2020, 03:00 – 05:15 pm (including a 15 min break)
Space: HUB Innovation Lab
Workshop for: 10 -15 people
Please bring a mat or a blanket.