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[EXTERNAL EVENT] Circle17 Presents: Sustainable Transformation

Do you also believe that true ‘Sustainable Transformation’, starts with ourselves, our society and the way we do business? Do you see in entrepreneurship a solution to today’s social- and environmental challenges, and are you curious to learn which role Austria has to play?

Come & Join us on our journey working towards a more sustainable future for Austria?and the world.

Learn more about our circle17’s strategy to drive business transformation forward in support of achieving the SDGs by 2030, get inspired through conversations led by thoughtful leaders in the field, and connect on grounds that have a true potential to also transform you ?.

Help us to transform the world, by changing the way we act and do business first. ?✔

? Doors open at 17:00, event starts at 17:30 sharp.

We have a maximum capacity. Therefore, pre-registration will be favoured at the entrance. Many thanks for your understanding.
The Circle17 Project is brought to life via the two Non-Profit organisations AustrianStartUps & respACT and funded from the Austrian Development Agency.


17:00 – 17:30 | ARRIVAL + DRINKS

Together with Daniel Cronin, our host for the evening, we’ll guide you through an inspirational & insightful start of your journey into Sustainable Transformation.

?Curious about the content? See here`’s a little sneak peek in what to expect.

Individual Transformation | Keynote
Karin Huber (Futurability)

We as individuals have much more impactpower than we think. Not only in our daily activities in and around the house or weekly at the gas station, but mostly on the other side of the world, by producing and transporting the things we buy and use daily. We as consumers ultimately pay for means that impact society and keeps the system in place. What can we as individuals do in order to become more aware of our ‘hidden impact’?

Business Transformation | Keynote
Harald Friedl (Circle Economy)

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in today’s corporate world and can contribute to the current and future success of organizations. Integrating ecological, social, and economic objectives into corporate decisions is a key success factor for transformation towards sustainability. As sustainability is not achieved by single actions, but rather as an ongoing process, decision-makers must have means to analyze the current state of an organization. How can companies structure their field of action for the transformation towards sustainability?

Society Transformation | Panel Discussion
Barbara Inmann (Impact Hub), Markus Raunig (Austrian Startups), Theresa Imre (Markta)

Fulfilling the SDGs for sustainable transformations will take an unprecedented effort by all sectors in society — in which business has to play a very important role in the process. What does Sustainable Transformation mean on a society level? Considering Austria’s ecological, social, and economic scenario, how is sustainable transformation in Austria already stimulated and where can society/government still contribute to reinforce sustainable transformation?

19:30 – 20:30 | DRINKS

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