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[EXTERNAL EVENT] Datathon: Drive Democracy with Data

A strong civil society (comprised of organizations working for citizens, outside of the government) is key to stable and just democracies.

During the Datathon, we will use data science to measure the status of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe. Together, we will explore social media data from major non-profit organisations, take a look at news articles that cover stories about civil society issues and actors, and use open government data to calculate metrics that allow to measure how the civil society of a country is doing.
We invite analysts, data scientists and other volunteers to join us during this two day event to work side by side with senior Teradata Data Scientists, as well as volunteers from a number of other organisations.
The Datathon is hosted by ERSTE Foundation, Teradata Austria, and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). Find out more about the event on our event website: http://data.teradata.com/Datathon-Vienna-2018