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[External event] Design Therapy with Chris Do of The Futur

How do you feel when your client says they’re “underwhelmed”? Does it send you into a tailspin? When “impostor syndrome” kicks into overdrive, whose voice are you hearing inside your head? Where did the critical inner voice come from and how can you discover your “true voice”. Are you more compelled to finish something for a client and not for yourself? Do you believe that it’s not possible to charge more than you are currently getting? How can re-framing your mindset or state impact how you process the events in your life?
Design Therapy is a deeper look into our own mindset and why we believe what we believe, where our critical inner voice comes from, and how to overcome our own limiting beliefs around work, clients, success, happiness and fulfillment. Learning tools is great, but aster your mind and you will unlock your true potential.
Topics covered:

  • E+R= O (An event plus your reaction determines the outcome)
  • The Power of Belief and the Placebo Effect
  • Power of perception
  • Understanding bias
  • Word Jitsu exercise
  • Fill in the blank exercise
  • Reality distortion field exercise
  • Conquering Critical Inner Voice exercise

Design Therapy is a 2.5 hr interactive workshop led by Futur founder, and Emmy award winning designer, Chris Do. The workshop will include a Keynote presentation and Q&A session. Appropriate worksheets will be provided to attendees. Following the event is a 30 minute meet and greet.
This event is organized by The Futur in conjunction with Fabio Palvelli and Jason Bergeron.
About The Futur:
The Futur is an education platform where creative professionals can learn business principles. We are made up of a group of hand-picked, highly-talented creatives: The Futurists. We’re all driven by a single goal: crafting content that will help you succeed.
Cancellation policy:
While we expect a fully sold out workshop, we will need to have a minimum of 50 participants for the workshop to take place. Based on the response, the decision will be made 4 weeks before the workshop is set to take place, so please plan your travel plans accordingly.