Employer brand and EVP are closely linked concepts, but what’s the difference between the two and how to benefit from having a clear EVP?

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Why is Employee Value Proposition at the heart of your employer branding efforts?

What is EVP and how to write one? Which tools you will need to understand the gap between employee needs and your brand promise?
In this 3 hour workshop we are introducing our EVP-BASE model – a structured approach to defining your Employee Value Proposition.
Our goal is to empower as many people as possible to become experts on the topic of employer branding. Employer branding is at the foundation of that shift towards strategic approach to employee experiences and actual management of employer attractiveness on the market. Employer branding makes everything in your organisations better, and EVP is at the core of those efforts. Join us in Vienna on this 3 hour workshop.

Learn more about the trainer:

Vladimir Benic is the founder at CareerCentar, the leading company on SEE online assessment market. In the last 4 years Vladimir has been the most avid ambassador of employer brand management on strategic level. Having seen all the gaps the companies face in employer brand management, Vladimir started consulting and training practice to accelarate organizational capabilities in managing employer brand.
We have made significant progress in this area helping market leading companies on this topic. Vladimir has been working with the largest SEE companies, held numerous trainings and conference presentations on hiring, HR analytics and employer branding.Based on our experience, a lot of companies has employer brand targets and high expectations but often their employer brand specialists do not have internal support and know-how on strategic management of employer brand. This is a rather new field and a lot of experienced professionals do have the need for additional training to make the most of their employer branding activities. Our goal is to empower you to be an employer branding expert, to confidently lead employer branding projects, strategy developement and understand the tools which will drive successful execution and improve your company’s employer brand.

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Date & Time

August 14 | 15:00 to 18:00


Impact Hub Vienna


Updated on 25 July 2019