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[External event] How to take the hassle out of freelancing — Presenting SMart, the coop for artists, creatives and more

A great many self-employed face a daily struggle as solitary fighters against a sea of bureaucracy and existential risks. For three years now, SMart has made a difference. The SMart cooperative manages administrative work for artists and creatives.

Learn more about how you can profit from working SMart! On Wednesday, September 19 starting 5 pm director Sabine Kock and advisor Angela Vadori will introduce the initiative at the Impact Hub Library and answer questions about how you can get involved in working SMart.
The solidareconomic project combines the freedoms of freelance with social security and offers the opportunity for regular employment in your own cooperative.
SMart assists in contractual, taxation, social security and insurance matters. It administers project planning, finance and controlling. It cushions artists’ entrepeneurial risks by providing guaranteed payment and covering failure liability.
SMart – societé mutuelle pour les artistes, was founded in Brussels in 1998 with the idea to establish regular employment conditions, in a sector traditionally characterized by short term, frequently changing and project related employment relationships.
Meanwhile, SMart’s horizon has broadened beyond the arts and culture field. It is a project for all fields dependent on short term, project oriented employment conditions.
The European SMart network is growing in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Hungary currently with a total of 85.000 members/users.
The project SmartAtMobility, a new online information portal www.smartatmobility.com informs artists based in Austria about working abroad and artists abroad intending to work short or long term in Austria.
Looking forward to meeting you!
The SMartAt-Team