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[External Event] Indian Evening with MAHER (NGO)

Heartculture + Social Innovation -> Sustainable change

This event invites you: to experience Maher, listen to the stories of the founder Sr Lucy and Sherley and learn from them and enjoy Indian food.

“I would say – Maher, is an ‘Impact Hub’ itself.
– social innovation seems natural here – facing a problem > developing an effective solution that create social value.”
(friend of Maher)

It was 20 years ago..that a women stood up for other women in need, and founded the organisation MAHER.
Maher has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1997. Today Maher is a officially from UN registered NGO – Non Governmental Organization. Over 4000 women and children have passed through the Maher experience and come out brimming with self-confidence and dignity. Those who cannot be reunited with their families, because of a trauma or other complications, continue to be looked after under Maher’s watchful care, and many stay on, fully rehabilitated to work as housemothers or assistants. Develop and deliver services to address these root causes and their effects in villages and slums, so women and children are healthy, happy and self-reliant. Where possible, support family reunification, providing services, personal and spiritual counseling, work training and more, as needed to support healthy and stable homes .When family reunification is not possible or desirable, provide safe and loving residential educational and developmental services for children and women.


No matter who we are, we walk together towards wholeness. All have the opportunity for a decent life, dignity and happiness irrespective of caste, gender or religion. There is no longer any work for organizations such as Maher.


Enable sustainable communities by addressing economic, education, health and environmental issues focusing in villages and slums values. Embracing all people of all faiths, regardless of caste, class and ethnicity Spiritually-infused interfaith daily life and all operations Unconditional love and respect for all Social justice for all regardless of caste, class or gender Truth, transparency and fairness in all interactions and in distribution of resources Re-awakening our personal relationship with Mother Earth and treating her as the Body of the Divine Life-long learning and continual re-evaluation and change.

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