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[External Event] Sunsurfers MeetUp – How and why do I travel the world non-stop for the past 6 years?

Hello dear friends!

My name is Sasha Wickenden. I have been travelling the world non-stop for the past 6+ years, getting to know 60+ countries and living my dream.

‘Are you ever going to settle down? Are you not bored traveling for so long? How do you manage friends and family relationships? How can you afford this?’ I will try to answer these and other questions I am often asked by people I meet on the way.
Join Sunsurfers Free MeetUp in Vienna to learn more. Sunsurfers is a community of free spirited nomads. We work remotely, live healthily, travel all over the world and share all we’ve got – knowledge, smiles and open hearts.

What else I will be talking about?

  • How do I make money while travelling?
  • Why do I choose to be a minimalist?
  • How do I cope with difficult situations?
  • How did evolve to a 4-hour remote work week from working 16/6 in an office for 9 years?

I will be happy to share stories from my lifelong traveling: how India has once changed my life, how it is possible to stay in Maldives on a low budget, how does it feel for a solo-girl traveler in Africa, why and how did I climb 20+ volcanoes around the world, how to visit Iceland without planning to go there, what practical things have I learned at the recent Dalai Lama’s Teachings, and many more stories, if the time will allow.
Come and get inspired at Sunsurfers MeetUp.
For those who like stats, here are some links where you can do a background check: