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[External Event] WORK&PLAY: Designing Games for Learning – The Elephant in the Room

How can we design games that intentionally impact players? A question that still remains unanswered, even if we know how powerful learning tools games are.
We all grow up by learning through play, but in practice this phenomenon is very complex. Some games impact certain players but not others and what kind of impact a game has is often beyond our control.
Designing games for change, for impact and for learning is a tricky and difficult challenge. So then, why is it worth taking on that challenge?
We will be discussing this topic with the leading experts in the field and we’ll try to address the elephant in the room in an honest talk about their learnings with games for change and education.
Join Playful Solutions and their guests Scot Osterweil, Lena Mech and Konstantin Mitgutsch in this conversation.


Scot Osterweil from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a designer of award-winning educational games, working in both academic and commercial environments, and his work has focused on what is authentically playful in challenging academic subjects. He has designed games for computers, handheld devices, and multi-player on-line environments. He is the creator of the acclaimed Zoombinis series of math and logic games, and leads a number of projects in the Education Arcade. He is also a founding member of the Learning Games Network.

Lena Mech is a game designer, educator and founder of Institute of Wonder in Denmark. Her love for cities and games is the reason she started this endeavour. During her life, Lena went through a lot of different professional disciplines – from history to theatre, to games, and now to entrepreneurship. Her goal has never changed though. No matter the means, she always wanted to spark the sense of wonder in people’s lives.

Konstantin Mitgutsch is a consultant and expert for game design, gamification, and serious games. He is the founder of the company Playful Solutions and has an academic background researching and teaching at MIT Game Lab in Cambridge and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In his work he designs games that impact players’ personal and professional growth and works with companies like Red Bull, BMW, Siemens and the Goethe Institute. His publications include books like “Schauplatz Computerspiele”, “Sports Video Games”, and “Context Matters!”.