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Gain Relaxation for Your Neck and Shoulders

Dear Hubbers!
What if your body could talk to you during the office day?
Could it sound like: „Hey buddy! Here’s your body, I feel so incredibly stiff!! It’s tight everywhere! Shoulders – neck – face they all want to move! Do something about it!“ Or is your body totally mute and doesn’t talk to you at all anymore?
Well, what about starting a little conversation with your body?
This month our two Hubbers and Grinberg Method® practitioners Veronika and Juliane will teach you how to do so and how to gain back a much better body awareness when working in front of your computer.
Come and try a free shoulder/neck session. No appointment needed, just come and find us!
Date: Tuesday, 22.1.19
Location: Coffee area / ground floor
Time: 10.00 am – 12.30 pm
Duration of each session: 15-20 minutes
You want to know more about Veronika and Juliane?