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Hubby Hour Goes Art Opening [Members and Guests Only]

For the next couple months, the ground floor of Impact Hub Vienna will turn into a makeshift art gallery with a photography exhibition and interactive comic installations to make your ground floor coworking experience even more beautiful. To celebrate this, we are hosting an art opening for our next Hubby Hour, where you can take a first look at the exhibition, meet the artists and, as always, have some drinks and snacks and hang out with other Hubbers.
So get out your black turtlenecks, berets, and paint-splattered overalls (just kidding, as always, come as you are!) and meet us on the ground floor of the Impact Hub at 17.30!*
*New start time so that everyone who has to work a bit later can join us as well.
Too curious to wait till next week? You can get a first idea of all the art goodness coming your way below.

“Small Steps” by Georg Messeritsch

“Small Steps” is a photography exhibition by Viennese photographer Georg Messeritsch. In his work he confronts the “small steps lead to success system” for startups with the basic needs of Indian people in their daily life.

About the artist:

Georg Messeritsch was born in Vienna. After working in the creative department in advertising for many years he became a professional photographer. His work can be found in advertising as well as in magazines. He holds lectures and workshops for idea and creativity management for artists, advertising agencies and startups and teaches at the LIK Academy for photography.

“The Women of Madagascar” by Dr. Candy Fresacher:

Women in poorer countries have a great impact on the economic development of their world. Educating women can make a remarkable difference in the GDP of a country as well as bring about an improvement in health and welfare issues. Madagascar is one of the ten poorest countries on earth with many rural families living below the poverty level and having an average of 5.8 children. The exhibition gives a face to some of these working women.

About the artist:

Dr. Candy Fresacher is a teacher/teacher trainer and consultant on Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology. Her interest in photography stems from many years of teaching travel geography. This is her fifth photography exhibition.

“Close Ups” by Valerie Brückbog:

The interactive comic installation “Close Ups” explores the topic of fleeing one’s home country. How is it possible to keep going during the journey? What are moments of relief and happiness during such an intense and risky undertaking? Is it even possible and if so, what had led up to those moments? (Based on interviews conducted by Blickwinkel – Mut zur Perspektive.)

About the artist:

Valerie Bruckbög was born in Linz, studied in Barcelona and now lives in Vienna. She specializes in Comic Art and Illustration. She has a deep passion for dynamic lines, storytelling and developing characters and loves creating work that is fun to look at but also has a strong message. For exhibitions she likes to play with narrative techniques – the idea is to let the viewer complement the piece in his or her own imagination. Besides her artistic projects she also works as an illustrator and comic artist.