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HubClub: Blockchain & International Development Cooperation

Exploring the disruptive potential of Blockchain for International Development Cooperation

With applications ranging from decentralized crytocurrencies to blockchain governments and smart contracts, blockchain is regarded as one of the major disruptors of the future.
In the developing world, blockchain solutions are emerging to address complex challenges such as institutional weaknesses, corruption, distribution and use of aid, empowerment and financial inclusion.
This edition of the Development Hub Club will explore the potential of blockchain applications in the sphere of international development cooperation – join us for an exciting exchange on one of the moment’s hottest topics within the international development community.

Speaker: Joseph Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder of AID:Tech

UN Sustainable Development Goal Pioneer 2017 for Blockchain Technology / IBM’s #1 Global Startup 2017 / Citi Tech4Integrity Global Winner 2017

Joseph Thompson is the CEO and Co-Founder of AID:Tech, the world’s first company ever to deliver international aid using blockchain technology in Lebanon to Syrian refugees.
Joseph co-founded AID:Tech in response for the need to increase transparency and reduce global illicit outflows from developing countries due to fraud and corruption. But also to create financial inclusion where end beneficiaries His vision was to empower individuals with a legal digital identity so that aid, welfare & health benefits could be sent directly. Having seen first hand how money goes missing Joseph made it his mission to leverage blockchain technology to solve this global problem and align with the Sustainable Development Goals.
Joseph was named as one of only ten chosen UN Sustainable Development Goals Pioneers for 2017 as a Pioneer for blockchain technology.
AID:Tech are winners of Citibank’s of the Game Changer of the Year Award for fighting corruption, which was presented by Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde
As a community-driven project, the Development HubClub is brought to life by its members. We want to hear from you if you would like to suggest a discussion topic, make a presentation during the meetup or simply share your thoughts!

Date and Time

Thu, 1 February 2018,18:0021:00 CET


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