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HubClub: Responsive Org: Building the For-Purpose-Enterprise

Our responsive:org Hub Club presents a special guest for this evening: Tom Thomison, Co-Founder and Partner of HolacracyOne and encode.org and Partner at dwarfs and Giants.

Responsive models of self-organization like Holacracy distribute authority across the organization while aligning the work with an overarching purpose.
But too often the employer / employee divide still persists as a refuge for personal power holding. Encode.org pushes the decentralization of power even further by encoding new legal, financial and social agreements in the pioneering model of the „For-Purpose Enterprise“ comprised of Organization, Company and Association.
With its groundbreaking work encode.org is deeply aligned with the principles of self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose. At the same time the For-Purpose Enterprise is not just an aspiration but an actual lived reality that an increasing number of pioneering organizations are adopting and exploring. As one example we will also share, how encode.org supports dwarfs and Giants to fully “encode” it in our DNA and how our current setup looks like! (“made-for-Austria”)
Encode.org started a new wave in the world of organizations that goes beyond employment and aligns the people structure and the legal structure of an organization with the heart of it: doing purposeful work powered by a Holacracy operating system.
The Meetup is followed by a full 1-day workshop hosted by encode.org and dwarfs and Giants:
“Encoding Self-Organization Beyond the Work”
Experience what needs to shift to take self-organization to the next level: build pathways not only to work on purpose, but to earn and live on purpose as well.
Hosts: Tom Thomison & Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller
Info and tickets: http://buytickets.at/encodeorg/89859/r/rom