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HubClub: Migration HubClub Kick Off

As one of the greatest quotes at the hub says, “impact doesn’t happen in isolation. It requires collective action”. So let’s join forces!

Being a migrant or refugee is not always easy. Integration happens daily, inclusion doesn’t. We read daily about what migrants do wrong, but hear little about the positive effects and success stories of integration, of organizations fighting for equal rights and experience little positive awareness towards the topic of migration.

There are many of us social entrepreneurs, institutions, NGOs, private and public stakeholder who take on the challenge of breaking the patterns around a topic so negatively polarized by the media and public discourse. Whether we do it through learning programs, workshops, fairs for refugees, fashion, HR platforms, we are all striving for inclusion and positive impact.

We have similar goals. So let us together form a club for migration. The Migration Hub Club is the perfect opportunity for us to hear about our individual projects, developments, experiences, challenges and learn from one another in order to maximize impact. We can use synergies, share contacts, discover new ideas and create a movement for cultural diversity.

The Migration HubClub is a quarterly event and is meant to bring together like-minded people that are passionate about finding solutions to the migration and integration sector while networking, sharing and creating synergies. In order to keep a focused outline of the Migration Hub club, there will be experts and special topics outlined in the kick off meet up so as to most profit from our time together during all meetings.

Date and Time

Mon, 5 December 2016,18:0021:00 CET


Impact Hub Vienna, Library Room
56 Lindengasse
Wien, Wien 1070 AT


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