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Introduction to Mindfulness Modern Program

Mindfulness Alliance presents “Introduction to Mindfulness Modern Program”

What to expect from this event?

This 1 hour will be a mini mindfulness retreat for you in the Impact Hub Vienna’s friendly atmosphere .
During the event you will learn what mindfulness is, practice mindfulness meditation and discover ways to implement mindfulness in life.

Who is Mindfulness Alliance?

Mindfulness Alliance is a global community, welcoming people who want to learn and teach mindfulness to the world. At Mindfulness Alliance, we’re building a content hub with world’s most inspired scientists, story artist and designers and open it to a community of instructors who want to deliver great mindfulness courses to people around the world.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a mental capability. It is generally defined as “the capability of focusing our attention to the present moment, observing our inner and outer worlds together without any judgment”.  Mindfulness exercises are proven to restructure the brain and thus to create a substantial increase in the level of happiness.

What is Mindfulness Modern Program (MMP)

Mindfulness Modern Program is a easy, fun and science based program to learn and teach mindfulness.
This programme is for anyone who:

  • Works under a lot of stress,
  • Struggles with problems of  focus,
  • Finds it hard to get rid of a mental crowd of thoughts
  • Wants to be happier and have greater work-personal life balance.

Through this programme, you will learn proven ways of:

  • Preventing your ever stopping thoughts from affecting your daily life negatively
  • Developing your focus and attention span
  • Managing stressful situations effectively

Date and Time

Thu, 30 November 2017,08:0009:00 CET


Impact Hub Vienna
56 Lindengasse
Wien, Wien 1070


Impact Hub Vienna
+43 (0) 1 522 71 43