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Lean Product & Service Development

The goal of this workshop is to learn how to really apply the principles of “Lean Start-up” (Lean product and service development) to your own business idea.

“Lean Start-up” is a movement and a methodology that is transforming how new offerings are built and launched. It aims at helping you make better business decisions while creating your new business models. At the heart of “lean start-up” lies the concept of iterative, structured testing and the “MVP” (minimum viable product).
In the first half of the workshop, we will explore the theoretical fundamentals of the concept in the course of a “serious” board game, a fun way to learn the methodology.
During the second half of the workshop you will work on your own business ideas and define your path to validated learning.
This includes:

  • Defining testable hypotheses on which your business idea is builds on
  • Exploring ideas for first (service- or product-) prototypes that can serve as a MVP for your business
  • Designing a path that helps you understand whether you are building something customers want

Who will benefit? Start-ups and entrepreneurs in an early stage of their development.
Limited no of participants: max 12 participants
Participants can’t join the workshop without registering in advance
For contact and registration, please email to Ioana Constantin (ioana.constantin@impacthub.net) and cc:Gregor-Robert Posch (posch@wirtschaftsagentur.at, 01 4000 87094).