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Mapping and Improving your Customer Journey

In this workshop you will get to know methods to visualise and analyse your customer’s experience, i.e. all touchpoints your customers have when searching for, buying, using or recommending your business or product: The Customer (Experience) Journey Map.

Rather than just focusing on the design and the usage of your existing product (user experience), this tool helps to develop an understanding for potential improvement throughout the whole customer lifecycle from initial contact through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship. It allows for a view on your company and its environments from a customer perspective.
Who will benefit? Start-ups and entrepreneurs with an existing product or business model.
Trainer: Tobias Göllner, founder ShiftYard
Limited number of participants: max 20 participants

Contact and registration:

Gregor-Robert Posch (posch@wirtschaftsagentur.at, 01 4000 87094)