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[Member Slot] How do we want to live in the future?

Do you need new ideas for self-determined, independent living?
We are all asking ourselves the same questions: Should I build a house? Should I buy a flat? Where should I live when I want to have a family? And how? Especially as social entrepreneurs we are aware that those decisions might have an enourmous impact on our future footprint – so we want to get them right. But what options are there?
In this hands-on workshop we will find out about interesting projects that tackle the issue, collect and discuss ideas as well as the values and patterns of thinking at the core of the topic.
Join us in a vibrant workshop and let’s find out what possibilities there are for more sustainable and self-determined living in the future.
Hosted by: Wohnwagon

Date and Time

Wed, 17 December 2014,18:3020:00 CET