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MODUL University: Social Entrepreneurship Course Registration Deadline

Our very own Jakob Detering, the Director of Social Impact Award, will be offering a sequence of Social Entrepreneurship courses through MODUL University this semester. The courses can be taken separately of a degree track, as part of one of the university’s certification programs, or as part of their MBA program. The course details are as follows:
Course 1: Social Entrepreneurship Foundations
Dates: December 14 + 15

Learning objectives
Social entrepreneurship is a rapidly developing and changing business field in which business and non-profit leaders design, grow, and lead mission-driven enterprises. As the traditional lines blur between non-profit enterprises, government, and business, it is critical that business students understand the opportunities and challenges in this new landscape. Through case studies, group presentations and class discussion this course will explore this emerging field. 
The aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of the key concepts and principles of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is the pursuit of economic activity with sensitivity to the impact of enterprise and the pursuit of social goals through entrepreneurial action.  In this course, students will be exposed to the theoretical foundations and examples of best practice for social enterprise.
Course content

  • Framing the concept social entrepreneurship both theoretically and practically
  • Understanding the spectrum of social entrepreneurship in the broader political and economic environment
  • Providing hands-on knowledge transfer from practitioners and entrepreneurs
  • Modeling sustainable social business’
  • Introducing impact investing as a tool for impact

Course 2: Social Entrepreneurship II: Bootcamp
January 13 +14

Learning objectives
Social entrepreneurs are economic actors challenged to combine entrepreneurial, managerial, social and civic roles.  This is an experiential course on developing a business plan for a social enterprise.
Course content

  • Intention: What societal challenge should be at the core of the idea? What is the entrepreneurial passion that drives it?
  • Idea: How could a potential solution look like?
  • Concept: What are the key success drivers to bring the idea to life?
  • Plan: What needs to be considered to build a sustainable enterprise around the concept?

For more information about cost and registering for the courses, contact jakob.detering@impacthub.net.