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Prototyping Lab

Prototyping your way to the market

Interactive workshop walking participants through the process of hypothesizing target markets and buyers to confirming they are on the right path through testing. To understand the market and ensure a successful launch, in-depth knowledge of the direct and indirect competition is necessary.
The result of the workshop is that the startup will be able to prototype and know how to test the accuracy of their target market and the market’s buyers, understand pitfalls that may put them at risk and be able to test if the startup has a viable market.

What to bring:

For you to benefit the most from this workshop, bring your selves, your startup, your prototype and the information on marketing and sales you have already worked on. Most of you will have an idea of what your target market is, who your buyers will be and so on. Take the time before the workshop to review these, along with: buying process(es), competition, and market and buyer research.

Workshop outline:

1. Clarify your way to market

  1. What is your target market?
  2. Who are your buyers? Buyer Personas
  3. What is their buying process – how will they buy your product

2. Understand what are your entry barriers and how you can remove them

  1. Understanding who your competition is
  2. Porter’s 5 Forces
  3. PESTLE Model

3. Get tips and tricks for testing the market

  1. What do you need to test?
  2. How will you test it?
  3. Testing, Facebook and Landing Pages

Each participating team will leave the workshop with an updated perspective of their markets and buyers, an understanding of the buying process, what is competition and which ones are more dangerous, and an action plan on testing your market prototype – time permitting, a completed plan for your first round of testing.
The workshop is geared to a “work as you learn” process. Each startup will have time to put into practice each of the outlined points and learn from one another during section wrap-ups. Each startup will leave the workshop on their way to implementing what they have learned.
Contact and registration:
Gregor-Robert Posch (posch@wirtschaftsagentur.at, 01 4000 87094)

Date and Time

Fri, 10 June 2016,09:0016:00 CEST


Impact Hub Vienna
56 Lindengasse
Wien, Wien 1070 AT


Impact Hub Vienna
+43 (0) 1 522 71 43