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Skillshare Breakfast: Honest Leadership for Sustainable Transformation

About this event

This event will take place in Hybrid format.

About the Workshop

In most startups & organizations nearly every one of us has a second job no one is paying us for: covering our weaknesses, trying to look good, managing other people’s impressions, and avoiding conflict. The ultimate cost: neither the organization nor its people are able to realize their full potential: No vulnerability → no trust → no real conflict → no path for constructive conversations and improvement (and not even an afterwork beer can change this in the long run!)

➡ There may be no greater waste of a company’s resources.

➡ There may be no greater waste of personal energy, aliveness, and time.

But what if we were to see vulnerabilities as prime opportunities for personal and company growth? What if we bring our more real, messy, vulnerable, or not so “shiny” sides to work? What if we prioritized connection over controlling impressions and had the conversations that we usually avoid to create a culture in which we can overcome our internal barriers to change? This is the potential of Radical Honesty as a communication tool and Conscious Leadership as an approach to bringing about change. So get out of your comfort zone, share whatever there is to share and deepen your awareness in the process!

🔥 What will you learn about at this Skillshare Breakfast?

➡️ What is so scary about honesty and how to do it anyway

➡️ The difference between Brutal Honesty and Radical Honesty and why it matters

➡️ Why you should make getting over anger, sadness, appreciation, etc. a priority

➡️ The effects of withholding on yourself, your team, your startup and what the alternative is

☀️ About the presenter:

Bernhard is a Leadership Trainer & Coach and Certified Radical Honesty Trainer. After his Master’s in Strategy and Innovation Management he joined Teach For Austria’s Leadership program, first as a Fellow and then as a Trainer, Coach, and eventually as Regional Director. He immersed himself in Conscious & Adaptive Leadership, mindfulness and purpose-driven management. In order to pull all of his passions into a joint framework, he started Honestlead and now offers workshops and programs for open-minded (future) changemakers. He also loves paragliding, spending time in nature, and caring for himself by lying on the couch.

Learn more about Bernhard or contact him directly via:

👉 E-Mail: [email protected]

👉 Facebook: www.facebook.com/honestleadnow/

👉 Website: www.honestlead.at

About Skillshare Breakfasts:

This event series is supported by aws Creative Impact.

aws Creative Impact promotes innovative new products and services that have the potential to have a positive social and industry-specific impact beyond company boundaries.

About #10SkillsFor2030:Also in 2021 we continue introducing you to hot topics and skills that will help you on your path to reach the SDG´S until 2030!

Based on the OECD Learning Compass 2030, we’ve identified 10 skills needed for changemakers to make the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 a reality. Each of our Skillshare Breakfasts this year will focus on one of these skills to help you create a world that works for all. Curious? Learn more here: https://www.oecd.org/education/2030-project/

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